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Maintenance Requests

Repair/Maintenance Requests (non emergency) are designed to improve the campus community.  Keeping the buildings and grounds clean, neat, and functioning properly is not the easiest task.   Facilities & Operations asks that you inform us when something may not be working properly or when some area just needs an extra cleaning.  For this we have purchased a repair/maintenance request system.  If you see something that needs maintenance or cleaning, please submit a request.  This will ensure that it gets done. Based on staff availability and priority of the request, Facilities & Operations will fulfill the request at the earliest possible time.

The only charges currently being done are when equipment, such as basketball standards, are repaired.  The department will be charged for the parts on that repair, no labor costs are cross charged as of yet.  If you have any questions, please contact Brenda in Facilities & Operations at 218-281-8483 or

Not Charged -- Repair/Maintenance Request
Scheduled Maintenance
General Cleaning
Window Repair
Wall Repair
Electrical Repair
Light Bulb Replacement
Air Conditioner Repair
Door and Lock Repair
Floor Waxing
Carpet Shampooing
Heat Maintenance
Cross Chargeable / Billable -- Work Order Request
Furniture Construction (Explore direct purchasing option first)
Painting for purely cosmetic purposes (painting "life cycle" runs 10 years )
Other charges may apply, however Facilities & Operations will notify the requestor before doing any work.

Questions can be directed to Brenda in Facilities & Operations at 218-281-8483 or