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Faculty and Staff

Faculty and staff play an important role in promoting safety and responding to emergencies on campus. As a faculty or staff member, you are often in a position to quickly identify and report dangerous situations or safety concerns before they become emergencies and report incidents when they occur.

You should learn about emergency response and emergency communications plans for your unit. If these plans do not exist, talk to your supervisor about creating them. Call the Environmental Health and Safety at 218-281-8300 for assistance.

In an emergency, faculty and staff should follow directions given by emergency personnel. You are encouraged to help students evacuate or take shelter. If you think there may be hazardous materials or vulnerable people in the building, evacuate first, then tell a University police officer about your concerns. Remember, you may know more about your building than fire or police personnel.

For information during an emergency or to find out the institutional response to an emergency, go to the UMC Today page at or contact your supervisor.