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Providing timely, honest and accurate information during an emergency is one of the University's highest priorities. Every effort is made to give members of the media credible information as quickly as possible.

In some cases, it may be necessary to inform members of the University community or family members of certain news before we make information available to the general public.

A member of the University Relations staff is reachable 24 hours a day by cell phone. Call the Office of University Relations at 218-281-8438 for more information.

During an emergency, information is communicated to the media through briefings, news conferences and in writing. The University makes every effort to have a University administrator or the person closest to the incident available for interviews. All written information is posted on the Web at

The University has emergency response plans similar to those in any public agency. For a major emergency an incident command post is established and a public information officer designated. If the incident is large or ongoing, an Emergency Operations Center may be established as well.

As in all emergencies, please do not cross police safety tape, block traffic lanes, or otherwise interfere with first responders.

The City of Crookston Police Department responds to incidents on campus. The loca fire department responds to fires and health emergencies.