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Communications with parents during and after an emergency are an important priority for the University.

In a localized event, information is posted on the University's Web sites and delivered through the media.

In a campus-wide event, the University establishes telephone hotlines and post incident-specific information on the Web.

Cell phone signals and the campus phone system could be difficult to access during a major event. Be patient if you cannot immediately reach your student by phone.

There are some situations in which you should not immediately come and pick up your student. There may be significant traffic congestion during a large evacuation, or there could be issues of contamination with a biohazard. The University will include information about whether it is safe to pick up students as part of its emergency communications.

In a major event, the University makes every effort to communicate with parents and the internal University community about emergencies before informing the broader public. Our goal is that you always hear news about your student first and directly from a University official.