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2012-2013 Faculty Assembly Committee Membership



Kevin Thompson 2014

Vice Chairperson Elect

Rob Proulx 2014


Marcella Melby 2014



Lynette Mullins 2014


Faculty Consultative Committee

George French (Chairman) 2013

Eyad Youssef (Vice Chairman) 2013

Rachel Lundbohm (Secretary) 2013

Ken Johnson (Past Chairman) 2013

Brian Dingmann (Curriculum) 2013

Katy Smith (Elect. con/bylaws) 2013

Sharon Neet (P & T) 2013

Bill Peterson (Acad. Std/Pol.) 2013

Rachel Lundbohm (Faculty Awards) 2013

Eyad Youssef (Faculty Dev) 2013

Marilyn Grave (Assessment) 2013

John Loegering 2013

Twyla Treanor (Parliamentarian) 2013


Standing Committees

Academic Standards and Policies Committee

David Seyfried (LA&E) 2015

Terrill Bradford (AG) 2014

Bill Peterson (MST) (Chair) 2014

Sue Brorson (BUS) 2013

Ken Myers (Registar)

Tom Baldwin (VCAA)

Wei (Ivy) Guan (student)

Toy Delany (student)


Assessment Committee

Marilyn Grave (LA&E) 2014

Eric Castle (AG/NATR) 2015

Marcella Melby (MST) 2014

Ken Myers (BUS) 2013

Tom Baldwin (VCAA)


**College Promotion and Tenure Review Committee

Mark Huglen (LA&E) 2015

Bruce Brorson (BUS) 2015

Lyle Westrom (AG/NATR) 2014

Sue Brorson (BUS) 2014

Pam Elf (MST) 2014

Sharon Neet (LA&E) (Chair) 2013

Sharon Stewart (MST) 2013

John Loegering (AG/NATR) 2013

**Elected by members of Department P & T committees. Must be tenured Associate Professor or Professor.


(Department Reps)

Sharon Neet (LA&E) 2014

Kenneth Bulie (BUS) 2014

Brian Dingmann (MST) (Chair) 2013

Harouna Maiga (AG/NATR) 2013

Adel Ali (Department Head)

Sue Brorson (Department Head)

Ron DelVecchio (Department Head)

Jack Geller (Department Head)

Tom Baldwin (VCAA)

Ken Myers (Registar)

Johnnie Pauly – AG/NATR student

Jessica Girgen – MST student

Abbey Wemimo - Business

TBA – LA&E student


Elections, Constitution and By-Laws Committee

Matthew Simmons (AG/NATR) 2015

Alvin Killough (LA&E) 2014

Eyad Youseef (BUS) 2014

Katy Smith (MST) (Chair) 2013

Twyla Treanor , Parliamentarian


Faculty Awards Committee
(Elected by representative academic units)

Brenda Miller (AG/NATR) 2014

Karen Miller (LA&E) 2013

Rachel Lundbohm (BUS) (Chair) 2013

Tim Dudley (MST) 2015

Ken Johnson (2011 - 12 Dist Tech Rep)

Soo-Yin Lim-Thompson (2010-2011 Morse Recp)

Juanita Lopez (Alumni Pres.)

Adam Switzer (CSA Pres.)


Faculty Development Committee
(Elected by respective academic units)

Marsha Odom (LA&E) 2013

John Loegering (AG/NATR) 2014

Omar Al-Azzam (MST) 2015

Eyad Youssef (BUS) (Chair) 2014

Tom Baldwin (VCAA)