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Welcome to the Office of Institutional Research

Responsible for collecting, compiling and/or coordinating the collection of appropriate and accurate institutional data for institutional reporting to internal and external offices and agencies including University, state, federal and other agencies and to provide research and data analysis to support planning, management, institutional improvement and the development and implementation of strategic initiatives.

Specific responsibilities include:

  1. Collect, compile and/or coordinate the collection of data to fulfill state and federal reporting requirements such as IPEDS, and respond to requests from agencies, organizations, and individuals, as appropriate.
  2. Produce statistical reports on enrollment and student characteristics for internal and external constituencies (e.g., student registration, class profiles, course enrollments, retention, attrition, and graduation rates).
  3. Assist the campus in assessing the effectiveness of the curricula in preparing students to attain their educational goals.
  4. Design, conduct, and interpret research studies to facilitate decision making related to the evaluation and assessment of current programs and services and the development of new programs and services.
  5. Provide assistance to faculty and staff in identifying appropriate data collection and use to ensure reliable, appropriate, and timely use of institutional information.
  6. Collect, analyze, and prepare standard institutional reports on summary level institutional data, including trends and peer comparisons where appropriate.
  7. Produce written and graphic materials to convey information in an attractive and easily accessible form.
  8. Support accreditation self-studies.
  9. Conduct student, faculty, and staff survey research including design, administration, processing, analysis and reporting.
  10. Monitor data from peer institutions; maintain benchmark data, and distribute relevant information to appropriate departments and offices.
  11. Produce statistical and analytical reports and publications to support UMC administrators and committees in their decision-making, budgeting, and strategic planning activities.
  12. Assist in the completion of departmental program reviews.


Questions? Contact:

Sue Erickson
Selvig Hall 309
University of Minnesota
2900 University Ave.
Crookston, MN 56716

Phone: 218-281-8277