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Nomination Form for Torch & Shield Recognition

The Torch & Shield Award recognizes individuals who have provided leadership and who have aided in the development of UMC, NWROC, and Extension. It is the highest award an individual can receive from the campus.

The purpose of honoring someone with a Torch & Shield Award is to

  • Honor contributions of significance to higher education, the Crookston campus, and the region
  • Recognize champions of UMC, NWROC, and Extension for their impact on the region through teaching, research, and outreach.
  • Distinguish both high profile individuals and those who have been “quiet” contributors to the success of UMC

Recognition is considered when exceptional service has been given by an individual and may include such things as

  • Legislative advocacy for higher education that has positively affected the campus
  • Advocacy within the University of Minnesota 's Board of Regents and/or central administration
  • Membership on advisory committees, alumni boards, Program Improvement Audit Committees (PIAC), etc which provided exceptional service and/or guidance
  • Outstanding leadership or service by an individual to UMC, NWROC, and/or Extension
  • Provided financial support to enhance the mission of the campus
  • Faculty and staff may be selected for exceptional contributions and/or service to the campus

I would like to nominate the following person as a candidate to receive a Torch & Shield Award.



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