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NWSA Alumni Association Board members include (front row, left to right): Beulah (Stolaas) Vad ’58, Clarice (Olson), Stolaas ’56, Jeannette (Love) Filipi ’57, and Berneil Nelson ’42
Middle Row: Bruce Stromstad ’66, Jim Chandler ’67, and Willie Huot ‘63
Back row: David Haugo ’52, Brian Bohnsack ’66, Don Diedrich ’56, and Bob Kliner ‘68

Not pictured: LeRoy Sondrol ‘55

NWSA Alumni Association Board Members

Bob Kliner ’68, president
Don Diedrich ’56, vice president
Clarice (Olson) Stolaas ’56, secretary

Brian Bohnsack ’66
Jim Chandler ’67
Jeannette (Love) Filipi ’57
David Haugo ’52
Willie Huot ’63
Berneil Nelson ’42, ex officio
LeRoy Sondrol ’55
Bruce Stromstad ’66
Beulah (Stolaas) Vad ‘58