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In order for the ATOD program to be successful, we believe that it is essential that all UMC faculty and staff carry the message of social norming and responsible choices. Remember the cliche'..."If you're not a part of the solution you're part of the problem"? Well, that definitely holds true with social norming. Anytime you relay a message pertaining negative student behavior you are harming the social norms campaign. We have research to prove that most UMC students make responsible choices with regard to alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs. So, rather than focus on the minority of irresponsible people, help us to show the world (and especially those incoming freshmen) that most UMC students are responsible.

Attention Advisors: There is a new course offering for freshmen only that will teach them important issues regarding Alcohol and College Life. With alcohol being the number 1 reason for college drop-outs, this 1-credit online course is sure to help retention in your department.

Attention All Faculty and Staff: View tips, information and ideas on how to integrate the Social Norms message into your classroom, club, event, or department. Our students pay attention to the words and actions of each person on campus...Please carry a positive message!

We also have a variety of resources in the UMC library available for use at no cost to all UMC faculty, staff, and students. We encourage all faculty to integrate these materials into their classroom requirements.

Don Caviler Director

Meloni - Sr admin assistant