Counseling Services

We offer confidential, goal-oriented, short-term individual and group counseling to help you address personal/psychological, academic (education), career planning, and social concerns.  One of our highest priorities is to make this a place where you will feel safe to talk about your concerns.  Services at UMC's Counseling Services are provided by counselors, students working towards masters degrees and doctoral student interns. With the assistance of your counselor, you will develop specific goals for your counseling experience and work with your counselor to accomplish these goals. Please note that we do not offer long-term psychotherapy.  If you and/or your counselor decide you would benefit from longer-term psychotherapy or other specialized services we do not offer, we will suggest alternative resources for you.

The confidentiality of your participation in counseling is essential and is an issue that is addressed at the first individual or group meeting. You and members are asked to commit yourselves to protecting each other's confidentiality by agreeing not to divulge individual or group discussions outside the counseling session. While we cannot provide participants with an absolute guarantee of confidentiality, our experiences indicate that individual and group members respect each others privacy because they want their own privacy respected.

Some issues cannot remain confidential whether you are being seen individually or in a group counseling situation. If someone appears to be planning harm to himself/herself, harm to others, or is aware of children or dependent adults who are being abused, the counselor is legally bound to break confidentiality in order to provide individuals with the assistance they need.

Possible topics for discussion, individually or in groups are:

  • * Alcohol and Substance Abuse
  • * Eating Disorders
  • * Adult Children of Alcoholics
  • * Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)
  • * Sexual Assault
  • * What to do about Sexual Harassment
  • * How to Study in College
  • * Stress Management
  • * Women/Men and Self-Esteem
  • * Test Anxiety
  • * Time Management Skills
  • * Diversity Issues