Counseling Services

The mission of UMC's Counseling Services is to provide psychological services to assist and incorporate student learning and student development in defining and accomplishing personal/social, intellectual, spiritual, physical, educational (academic) and career development goals in a manner that supports institutional recruiting, retention and higher graduation rates.  It also enhances the overall educational experiences.

Counseling compliments the academic life of students by helping them gain personal insights and develop clearer educational plans. Our services are preventative and educational in nature and come from a developmental perspective.

Students in crisis and those with chronic mental illnesses are served in the capacity deemed appropriate though consultation and referral.

Personal Counseling provides a safe environment where people can share their thoughts and feelings, explore concerns, gain new awareness, review their choices, and make helpful changes.

In the past, many students were assisted through individual and group counseling at UMC Counseling Services.  Professional services are offered that can help you deal with the real pressures of college life and the personal transitions you may be experiencing.

UMC Counseling services are free of charge for all registered UMC students.

Some fees may apply for evaluation and testing materials.


Is a process in which a counselor helps students gain insight about themselves, their behaviors, attitudes, relationships, etc... while also trying to help them understand the world in which we live.


We are committed to ensuring that information resulting from Counseling sessions is held in strict confidence. Any information exchanged during the counseling process is used exclusively for the benefit of the student.  Counseling records are not kept in

the students academic files and information is not released to anyone without the students written permission.

Counselors are Nationally Certified Counselors.