Counseling Services
Self Evaluation

These short assessments have been developed to assist you in evaluation areas in your life which may benefit from change.

It is often the case that the dynamics taking place in every day interactions between the different parts of yourself or in relationship to other people can result in conflict. This conflict creates a feeling of discomfort in the body which can manifest in symptoms of illness if left unattended.

On-line counseling can help you evaluate the area/s in which you may need help and to visit with someone (i.e. a friend, parent, counselor, etc.)

To begin, click on the appropriate link below and choose the assessment you would like to complete.

Counseling - Psychological Testing

This includes the following:

Other Testing Provided

This includes the following:

  • ACT

The above tests are administered by University of Minnesota-Crookston Career & Counseling Services.  If you need more information please contact Meloni Rasmussen at 218-281-8586.