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Final Exams

Policy on Scheduling of Final Examinations

Policy on Scheduling of Final Examinations

Student Final Exam Policy

The examination week is part of the regular school term and must be taken into account by students when planning any other activities or work outside of school hours. Students are expected to know the hours for their final examinations and to attend the examinations when scheduled. Only when a conflict between examination times exists, or a schedule of three or more examinations in one day occurs, may students seek adjustment of their examination schedule. Under these circumstances, students should contact the appropriate department head.

Faculty Final Exam Policy

Policy on Changes to Final Exam Schedule
There shall be no exceptions from the University final examination schedule except by concurrence of the department head and the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs. This prohibits moving a final examination from a scheduled time to study day or to the last or earlier meetings of the class. All requests for adjustment of final examination hours should be made at least a month before the beginning of the relevant examination period. Instructors requesting any variation from the official examination schedule must agree to give a make-up examination to any student having examination conflicts or three examinations in one calendar day because of the change in hours.

All one and two credit course examinations will be given during the final week of class during the regular class hours. All other examinations will follow the final exam schedule. The final exam schedule is included in the semester class schedule available online.

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