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Faculty Advising Handbook

University of Minnesota, Crookston
Faculty Advising Handbook

University of Minnesota  
Introduction to University of Minnesota  
Administrative Structure  
University of Minnesota, Crookston  
Mission, Vision and Core Values Statements  
Campus Organizational Structure  
Academic Advising  

Academic Advising Mission Statement

Academic Advisers  
Request for Change of Faculty Advisor  
Academic Advisor-Advisee Responsibilities  
Graduation Planner  
Academic Progress Audit System(APAS)  
Student Athlete Advising Guidelines  
Admission and Entry-Level Assessment  
Admissions Requirements  
Mandatory Placement and Advising Placement Form  
Admission of Transfer Students  
Transfer Requirements and Guidelines  
Transfer Credit Evaluation  
Articulation Agreements  
Registration Process  
Registration Appointment Times for Students  
Resources for Student: Enrollment Checklist  
Resources for Student: UMC Catalog  
Student Responsibility in Registration Process  
How to Register: Web or In-Person Registration  
Petition for Registering in More than Nineteen Credits  
Guidelines for 1000/3000 Level Courses  
Gaining Admission to a Closed Course  
Course Repeat Policy  
Drop and Add Courses  
Change Registration  
Course Substitution Approval  
Management Reports  
My Advisees & Registration Times  
Class Lists  
Grading System  
Change of Grading Option  
Agreement for Granting an Incomplete  
Submit Mid-Term Alert Grades  
Submit Final Grades  
Submit Change of Grades  
Academic Fresh-Start Policy  
Privacy, Security, and FERPA Information  
Academic Probation & Suspension  
Academic Probation  
Academic Probation Requirements and Procedure  
Suspended for Low Scholarship  
Petition for Re-admission & Academic Contract  
Guide to Academic Suspension Appeals  
Final Exams  
Policy on Scheduling of Final Examinations  
Competency Assessment Package  
College-Level Examinations(CLEP) Policy  
Policy on Examination for Credit and Proficiency  
Competency Assessment Portfolio (CAP)  
Advanced Placement (AP)  
Financial Aid  
Financial Aid Funds Information  
Satisfactory Academic Progress  
Student Affairs  
Academic Assistance Center  
Student Support Services  
Career and Counseling Services  
Office for Students with Disabilities  
Diversity and Multicultural Affairs  
Study Abroad  
Advising International Students  
Withdrawal from Institution or Program  
Procedure for Withdrawal from Institution  
Procedure for Change of Program  
Graduation Requirements and Procedure  
Liberal Education and Institutional Requirements  
Liberal Education Requirements for Baccalaureate Degrees
Technology Requirements
Liberal Education & Technology Requirements Advising Sheet
Admissions Application
Advising Placement Form
Agreement for Granting an Incomplete Form
APAS Sample Report
Appeals Form
Teacher Education Only
Application for Attending Another University of Minnesota Campus as a Multi-Institutional Student
Approval for Course Substitution Form
Change of Major/Faculty Adviser Form
Course Time Conflict Approval
eDegree Application
Liberal Education & Institutional Requirements Advising Sheet
One Time Drop Policy
Registration Form
Request for Special Examination Form
Schedule Worksheet Form
Student Petition for an Exception to Administrative Policy Form

Teacher Education Forms

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