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University of Minnesota Crookston Honors Program

University of Minnesota, Crookston Honors Program BrochureThe University of Minnesota Crookston Honor’s Program was developed to inspire and transform the students’ writing, discussion and critical thinking skills that reflect high expectations for academically successful students. Students will be nurtured and challenged to explore ideas, assess values and develop leadership skills. Honors coursework will address the diverse and global atmosphere in which we live. In addition, students in the Honors Program will have the opportunity for various social outings outside of the normal campus experience.

  • Designed for academically highly-motivated students who want more than a degree.
  • Small class sizes ensure one-on-one time with faculty, who invest in your success.
  • Flexible curriculum helps you meet career goals while meeting discipline and honors specific requirements.
  • Innovative program structure involves honor courses, student led discussion groups and individual studies in discipline specific courses.
  • You will develop and conduct an original scholarly project as a senior to satisfy final program requirements.
  • Exposure to culturally-rich experiences will enable you to develop a global perspective and leadership skills.

Who is eligible to participate?
The Honors Program is open to incoming high school students by invitation after review by the Honors committee. Selection is based on several factors that include but are not limited to the following: high school rank, grade point average, rigor of high school coursework and SAT/ACT scores. Other academically successful students (e.g., transfer or other advanced students) are encouraged to apply by completing an application that includes a portfolio of college writings.

Program Requirements
The key features of the program consist of a required course that introduces the student to the rigors of the Honors Program. The program requires 9-15 credits based on when students enter the program. The final requirements include an honors proposal course that culminates in an honors essay, research or creative project that requires a public defense. The Honors Program will include the following components:

  1. Honors Courses
  2. Honors Options
    faculty mentored but student organized discussion groups
  3. Honors Contracts
    honors activities incorporated into “regular” courses
  4. Honors Colloquia, leadership development, and cultural enrichment
  5. Honors national or international experience
  6. Honors Essay, Research or Creative Project