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Common HR Forms

Commonly Used Human Resource Forms

UMC Position Request Form

University of Minnesota Absence Card

Bi-weekly Payroll Time Card

Sample appointment letter - temporary & casual appointments

Sample appointment letter - graduate assistant appointments

New Hire Department Checklists

Supervisory Exit Interview Form - completed by supervisor

Employee Exit Interview Form - completed by employee

Faculty and P&A Absence Report Form

Reporting an Injury (process and forms)

Parking Fee Authorization Form (Excel)

Salary Reduction Agreement - Optional Retirement Plan

Memorandum of Agreement  - allowing 9 month faculty to be paid over 12 months

Faculty Single Semester Leave Application

Stopping the Clock for Tenure Track Faculty Form

Annual Report of External Professional Activites (AREPA)

Reporting Financial & Operational Misconduct

Job Evaluation Questionnaire Booklet

Job Evaluation Questionnaire Answer Sheet

Job Review Questionnaire Form

HRSS Payroll forms library

Other commonly used University forms

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