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Promoting Club and Other Events on the "UMC Today" and Events Calendar Web Pages

Any campus meeting or event sponsored or co-sponsored by the University or by any officially recognized student organization may be publicized on the "UMC Today" web page - - and the UMC events calendar web pages -

If the event or meeting is a club or organization function, details about the event (time, place, etc.) should be sent to the e-communications manager at least two days before the meeting so it can be added it to the calendar.  An online form is also available at - - to assist in the process.

If the event is of potential interest to a wider audience outside the immediate campus community, such as a campus speaker or performer, and it is open to the general campus community and/or the public, organizers should notify University Relations at least two weeks prior to the event so publicity to the local community and region can be arranged. 

Meeting notices will appear on the UMC Today page the day they are scheduled to take place.  Any late received or same day meeting notices will be posted as they are received.  Events or performances open to the entire campus and/or external audiences may be listed for an entire week prior to the event.

Each fall during organizational club advisor meetings, this policy will be restated.

--Approved by UMC Executive Committee November 25, 2003
--Updated and Approved by UMC Executive Committee October 15, 2009