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UMC Campus Policy on Alcohol

The University of Minnesota, Crookston is concerned for the well-being of all members of the University community. Consistent with this goal is the desire to foster an atmosphere at UMC in which abstinence from alcohol and the use of other drugs is respected. Where chemical dependency is present in the academic community, the University will encourage and provide reasonable help for any of its members who seek personal assistance.

UMC provides for the use and possession of intoxicating and nonintoxicating alcoholic beverages within the University community in accordance with the following provisions:

  1. On University property, no person shall possess or consume any nonintoxicating or intoxicating liquor except in areas designated by the President in consultation with the Chancellor. Sale of nonintoxicating or intoxicating liquor is prohibited on the University Campus.
  2. As used in this policy statement, the terms "intoxicating liquor" and "nonintoxicating liquor" shall have those meanings ascribed to them by the statutes of the State of Minnesota. Minnesota law forbids students under 21 years of age from possessing any alcoholic beverages within the state.
    1. Violation of this policy by a student shall be a violation of the Student Conduct Code. Violation of the policy by others shall be handled in the ways normally associated with violations by a member of that group on the campus.
    2. Violation of the policy by any person during the course of an appropriately approved event, whether such event be open or closed to the general public, shall automatically revoke the license conferred by the ticket or invitation to such event and violators will be asked to leave the premises. Ushers and officers are instructed to refuse admission to ticket holders or other persons invited to such event if such person is intoxicated.
  3. Permission to serve intoxicating liquor at a group function must be given in writing by the President with the approval of the Director of Student Activities and the Chancellor.
  4. The possession and consumption of nonintoxicating or intoxicating liquor or alcohol containers is not permitted in the University residence halls.

Also refer to the UMC Residence Hall Alcohol Policy, which provides additional guidelines for students living on campus.