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Classroom Conduct Procedures and Policy

All students at the University have the right to a calm, productive and stimulating learning environment.  In turn, instructors have a responsibility to nurture and maintain such an environment.  Lively, even heated, discussion is not disruptive behavior.  However, student behavior that is an obstacle to teaching and learning must be addressed.

The disruptive student should be confronted in a timely manner to reinforce learning environment expectations.  The instructor and student should also discuss what could be done to improve the situation. If the disruption warrants, due to the seriousness or persistence, the instructor should consult with appropriate administrative personnel, (i.e., center director, vice chancellor for academic affairs, student conduct coordinator).  If action is to be taken at the instructional level, the student should be provided notice of the offense and given an opportunity to respond.  Applicable procedures must be followed when providing the student with notice and the opportunity to respond to it.

After hearing the student's response, a decision can then be made to issue discipline or pursue further action.  The student should be informed of any discipline and any right to appeal. Again, any applicable procedures must be followed.

In addition to instructional-level action that may be taken, the student's behavior and conduct may also be subject to disciplinary action under the University Student Conduct Code.  A statement of the alleged misconduct is then submitted to the Student Conduct Code Coordinator who may be contacted to assist in these determinations.

Instructors should not hesitate to call the Crookston Police Department (281-3111) if the disruptive student appears to pose a threat to him/herself or others.  Students whose behavior suggests the need for counseling may be referred to Counseling and Career Services.