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UMC Campus Outdoor Dance Policy

1.  Check master programming calendar in Student Activities Office to avoid conflicts.

2.  Reserve space and include back-up indoor rain site.

3.  Arrangement must be made for bathroom facilities (either building or porta-potties).  One (1) for every seventy-five people (75) depending on length of the event.

4.  Security must be contracted:
        a.  Two if closed dance
        b.  Four or more if open to the public

5.  Power requirements approved through Facilities Management (Bernie).  The responsibility for additional costs are to be paid by the sponsoring group.

6.  Trash cans, tables, etc. must be reserved in advance with Facilities Management.

7.  Outdoor dances should end by midnight on weeknights and 1:00 a.m. on weekends.

8.  Clean up is the responsibility of the sponsoring organization.   Damage and clean up deposit of $500.00 required in advance.

9.  Sponsoring group must be a student organization or UMC "entity."  Approval by unit.

10.  Preliminary budget and funding sources must be presented at the time of the request.

11.  Presence of advisor or staff person is required during the event.

12.  Assistance in complying with guidelines will be provided by the Student Activities Office upon request.

Approved by UMC Executive Committee  May 8, 1999