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UMC Campus Guidelines for Outdoor Events


1. Barbecue grills and other self-contained outdoor cooking utensils are allowed on hard surfaced parking lots or other specially designated areas.


The use and possession of intoxicating and nonintoxicating alcoholic beverages within the University community is allowed in accordance with established policies and procedures.

1. Permission to serve intoxicating liquor must be given in writing by the President with the approval of the Chancellor.  Application forms are available from Facilities Management, 2 Kiser Building.

  • Applications are to be submitted at least 10 days in advance of any event where alcohol will be served on University property.

2. Events that take place outside will have definite boundaries that restrict access.

3. Only event hosts will serve alcoholic beverages.  Beverages will be served in cans or in paper/plastic disposable containers.  G lass bottles are not allowed. Common sources of alcohol are not allowed (e.g., kegs, party balls, punch bowls). 

4. Participants with alcohol will remain within the designated area. No alcohol shall be permitted to leave the confines of the event area. 

5. Alcohol may be served two-hours before the corresponding scheduled event, during half time or intermission, and up to one-hour after the conclusion of the event. No alcohol will be served during the associated game, concert, or event. 

6. All state and municipal laws must be enforced (e.g., minors may not be served; no one is to be served who is intoxicated).

7. Event sponsors are responsible for:

a. complying with all University policies and procedures;

b. ensuring that the event is legally conducted;

c. the conduct of members and guests attending the event;

d. all arrangements for the event (including scheduling the location, contacting the head of the unit where the event will be held, set-up, clean-up, renting porta-potties, etc.) 

e. arranging for security if required; and

f. possessing the required Special Events Insurance coverage.