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Third Annual Game Design Camp Scheduled for June at the U of M, Crookston
March 3, 2008

What: Game Design Camp

When: Eight day camp begins June 21 at 3 p.m.

Contact: David DeMuth, Jr., head, Math, Science and Technology, 218-281-8380 (, Elizabeth Tollefson, assistant director of communications, 218-281-8432 (

 Crookston, Minn. (March 3, 2008) – Developing computer simulations and exploring the fundamentals of game design are just a sample of what will be engaging students in grades 9-12 attending the third annual Game Design Camp on the University of Minnesota, Crookston campus in June.

The eight day camp kicks off on Saturday June 21, 2008, at 3 p.m. with a special session on the history and evolution of gaming, followed by the first of several Massive Multiplayer Online Games (MMOG) tournaments, e.g. Halo 3. Sponsored by the Math, Science and Technology Department at the Crookston campus, all camp activities are designed to be fun as well as educational, integrating the principles of math, physics and computer programming.

As in the past, students will have an opportunity to work hands on to develop computer simulations of the natural world, explore the fundamentals of game design, function and utility. The camp also features training in commercial game editors such as Unreal Tournament.

Other topics include the simulation of motion and structures, motion capture along with level and game design. All of the classes are designed to help build a better understanding of a technical world which relies on the simulation of real life.

Participants will be encouraged to experience a vast number of hardware interfaces including the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and 2, as well as the Nintendo Wii, alongside a host of software including Guitar Hero III, Rock Band, Dance Dance Revolution, Skate, Halo 3, Final Fantasy XI, Madden 08, NHL 08.

Participants are encouraged to bring their own favorite gaming consoles and/or game software. During the camp, students will have an opportunity to experience campus living in Centennial Hall, the newest residence hall on the Crookston campus. The all-inclusive fee for the camp is $595 with a $70 early bird registration credit if completed by Friday, May 2, 2008.

For more information, contact David DeMuth, Jr., Ph.D., at 218-281-8380 ( or visit

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