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Students Named to Dean’s List for Spring Semester 2008 at the U of M, Crookston
May 28, 2008

Contact: Robert Nelson, Registrar, 218-281-8560 (, Elizabeth Tollefson, assistant director of communications, 218-281-8432 (

CROOKSTON, Minn. (May 28, 2008) – Area students named to the spring semester 2008 Dean’s List at the University of Minnesota, Crookston  were announced by the Office of the Registrar. The U of M, Crookston is of the most respected career-oriented, technology-based universities in the nation.

To qualify for a place on the Dean’s List, students must complete 12 or more letter-graded (A-F) credits while attaining a 3.50 grade point average. The Crookston campus is the online leader in the University of Minnesota system and the only campus providing every full-time student with a laptop computer.

The University of Minnesota, Crookston delivers more than 25 applied-science undergraduate degree programs and 50 concentrations, including several online degrees, in agriculture; arts, humanities and social sciences; business; math, science and technology; and natural resources. Invent yourself at the University of Minnesota, Crookston – become a leader, innovate through technology and research and secure the career you want. To learn more, visit






Aasness, Austin James

Animal Science

Fergus Falls



Armbrust, Billi Jo M Animal Science Thompson ND  
Armstrong III, Kenneth Wayne Biology Fisher MN  
Benoit, Jenna Christine Post-Secondary Enrollment Opt Crookston MN  
Blair, Matthew D Aviation Brainerd MN  
Blazejewski, Amanda D Equine Science Newfolden MN  
Bochow, Amanda Trish Business Management Crookston MN  
Borge, Jonathan C Agricultural Systems Management Ada MN  
Boucha, John Allen Information Technology Management Williams MN  
Bowar, Katie Business Management Moorhead MN  
Bowar, Kayla N Sport & Recreation Management Moorhead MN  
Brinkman, Matthew Paul Natural Resources Saint Joseph MN  
Buckentin, Jermy Charles Natural Resources Norwood MN  
Burgess, Samuel J Agronomy Crookston MN  
Carrlson, Virginia L Aviation/Agricultural Business New York Mills  MN  
Chandler, Jeffrey Dean Sport & Recreation Management Warren MN  
Choi, Jong-Chon Business Management Crookston MN  
Crance, Theresa Marie Biology and Health Sciences Timber Lake SD  
Creelman, Jacqueline Marie Health Sciences Rogers MN  
Critchett, Laura J Equine Science Shoreview MN  
Diaz, Anthony R Biology Crookston MN  
Diederichs, Sarena Sport & Recreation Management St. Cloud MN  
Dighans, Lucas Agronomy Baker MT  
Dimmler, Cole Thomas Agricultural Business Crary ND  
Dobson, Spencer T Communication Crookston MN  
Donati-Lewis, Heather Shay Equine Science St. Cloud FL  
Engelmann Natural Resources Crookston MN  
Erickson, Nicole R Accounting and Business Management Starbuck MN  
Estling, Jade Rodney Agronomy Roosevelt MN  
Everson, Eric J Sport & Recreation Management Musinee WI  
Fallon, Monica Rae Business Management Crookston MN  
Fisher, Ryan John Agronomy Plummer MN  
Fitzgerald, Rebekah Miller Sport & Recreation Management Faribault MN  
Flikka, Stacy Ann Early Childhood Education Crookston MN  
Fosness, Eldo Luke Natural Resources Crookston MN  
Fredrich, Kerry Derek Golf & Turf Management and Horticulture New Holstein WI  
Gildner, Emily E Early Childhood Apple Valley MN  
Gerla, Rebecca Elizabeth Post-Secondary Enrollment Opt Climax MN  
Gullekson, Tim Troy Manufacturing Management Fertile MN  
Gurung, Lhakpa Early Childhood Education Kathmandu   Nepal
Haarstick, Thomas Shane Agricultural Systems Management Vergas MN  
Hanson, Danielle Rose Post-Secondary Enrollement Opt Crookston MN  
Hanson, Eddie M Sport & Recreation Management Apple Valley MN  
Hanson, Jenae Kim Equine Science Andover MN  
Hanson, Jessica Lee Equine Science Andover MN  
Harwell, Lee Eugene Natural Recources Grand Forks ND  
Heggedal, Jakob Agronomy Crookston MN  
Henderson Bobby Wayne Natural Resources Ada MN  
Hendrickx, Kari Jo Agricultural Education and Animal Science New York Mills MN  
Hindberg, Jacob Wayne Aviation Danvers MN  
Hoselton, Lee Brian Information Technology Management Drayton ND  
Husicka, Martin Business Management Crookston MN  
Jang, Sunah Undecided Minneapolis MN  
Jin, Yea lin Communication Crookston MN  
Jones, Galakpai Qua-Qua Manufacturing Management Bloomington MN  
Julien, Enrque Sport & Recreation Management Miami FL  
Jung, Yong-Tak Business Management Crookston MN  
Kang, Eunhye Business Management Seoul   Korea
Kappes, Bradley W Accounting Borup MN  
Kern, Elizabeth Renee Communication Crookston MN  
Kim, Dong-Sung Business Management Visan   Korea
Kim, Hee Sup Hotel/Restrnt/Inst Management Crookston MN  
Kim, Keunyung Horticulture Gwangju   Korea
Kim, Kyu Tae Business Management Crookston MN  
Kim, Min-Kyu Hotel/Restrnt/Inst Management Crookston MN  
Kim, Young Hoon Business Management Crookston MN  
Kim, Young Jin Information Technology Management BS Crookston MN  
Kitchell, Michael Edward Agricultural Education and Acriculural Systems Management Ada MN  
Kollar, Joseph Francis Sport & Recreation Management Young America MN  
Kolo, Victoria C Accounting Chisholm MN  
Koo, Ja Hyun Business Management Crookston MN  
Koscielniak, Nicole Marie Agricultural Business Hillman MN  
Kranzler, Brittany J Equine Science Galesburg ND  
Kreklau, Caleb C Agricultural Systems Management Sebeka MN  
Krigbaum, Jonathan Boyd Accounting Grand Forks ND  
LaCoursiere, Max William Post-Secondary Enrollment Opt Red Lake Falls MN  
Langlois, Rebecca Grace Applied Studies Crookston MN  
Lee, Hyunwoo Computer Software Technology Crookston MN  
Lee, Ji Yeon Communication Crookston MN  
Lee, Lisa Marie Information Technology Management BS Crookston MN  
Lee, Sung Bong Biology Crookston MN  
Lee, Yeon Mi Horticulture Yengin-si   Korea
Leoni, Jill Marie Hotel/Restrnt/Inst Management Crookston MN  
Mannila, Megan Ann-Marie Accounting Crookston MN  
Mathsen, Daryl Lee Agricultural Systems Management Alvarado MN  
Mealman, Clay Steven Aviation Philips WI  
Merriman, Brandi K Applied Studies Grand Forks ND  
Messner, Lincoln Joe Accounting Winthrop MN  
Meuleners, Catherine Marie Horticulture Cologne MN  
Misialek, Casey Rae Early Childhood Education Grafton ND  
Misik, Jerome John Manufacturing Management B M M Pine City MN  
Moberg, Jeffrey Alden Applied Health B A H Grand Forks ND  
Moen, Darin Steven Agricultural Business Alvarado MN  
Morgan, Linda Kay Knutson Sport & Recreation Management Crookston MN  
Moser, Jill Lynn Early Childhood Education Crookston MN  
Motl, Shawn Matthew Sport & Recreation Management Staples MN  
Myint, Khin Manufacturing Management B M M Shakopee MN  
Na, Yeon Im Communication Crookston MN  
Naplin, Eric David Biology Crookston MN  
Nordick, Andrew William Natural Resources Fergus Falls MN  
Nowacki, Sarah Kristen Early Childhood Education Argyle MN  
Odegard, Casey James Aviation and Business Management Crookston MN  
Ogaard, Anna R Dietetic Technician A A S Maple Grove MN  
Opolka, Miranda Marie Equine Science Norway MI  
Orne, Benjamin Gregory Natural Resources Woodbury MN  
Osvold, Kirby Marie Natural Resources Cloquet MN  
Paulson, Carolyn Nicole Equine Science Thief River Falls MN  
Pauly, Brian Jerome Natural Resources Glenwood MN  
Perez, Paulo C Information Technology Management BS East Grand Forks MN  
Peterson, Daniel J Animal Science Ogilvie MN  
Pinta, Frank Benito C Agricultural Systems Management Grafton ND  
Pulford, Katelyn Michelle Dietetic Technician A A S Richville MN  
Purrington, Megan Marie Early Childhood Education Ada MN  
Rasmussen, JaNae Marie Early Childhood Education Crookston MN  
Roiko, Amanda Amelia Hotel/Restrnt/Inst Management Verndale MN  
Roiko, Joshua Early Childhood Education Osage MN  
Rude, Nicole Dietetic Technician A A S Bismarck ND  
Rude, Stefanie Marie Communication Halstad MN  
Saarinen, Max Peyton Early Childhood Education Lakeville MN  
Schafer, Leah Kristine Equine Science Sherburn MN  
Scheuer, Timothy K Natural Resources Cloquet MN  
Schiele, Heather N Equine Science / Agricultural education Crary ND  
Schlangen, Jacqueline R Agricultural Systems Management Belgrade MN  
Schliep, Katherine D Animal Science and Early Childhood Education Holloway MN  
Schlosser, Brittany Ellen Accounting and Equine Science Frederick SD  
Schwarz, Amy Jo Plant Industries Management Monticello MN  
Seo, Hye-lee Undecided Seoul   Korea
Seo, Jung-Ho Business Management Crookston MN  
Severance, Kyle Ellis Animal Science Waterbury Center VT  
Sieler, Jason L Natural Resources Bismarck ND  
Sim, Myung Bo Business Management Crookston MN  
Skoien, Brittney Marie Equine Science Wannaska MN  
Sponholtz, Kyle Alan Natural Resources Richland WA  
Stangler, Kathryn Renae Horticulture Deer River MN  
Stoe, Adam Michael Agronomy Badger MN  
Struthers, Daniel A Health Sciences Red Lake Falls MN  
Suh, InKyu Accounting Crookston MN  
Sullivan, Benjamin Charles Undecided Crookston MN  
Sumner, David A Accounting Warren MN  
Swanson, Timothy Paul Agricultural Business Warren MN  
Tallman, Stephen Geoffrey Health Sciences Indianapolis IN  
Tucker, Ryan B Business Management Crookston MN  
Veres, Nicole M Equine Science Random Lake WI  
Walker, Cory Inglett Natural Resources Villard MN  
Walton, Ashley Mary Biology Middle River MN  
Warren, Allison L Animal Science and Biology Burlington Onatario   Canada
Weber, Cynthia Joy Business Management Crookston MN  
Webster, Levi John Information Technology Management BS Kennedy MN  
Whalen, Nathan Earl Agronomy Oklee MN  
Wilson, Cassie Ann Aviation Newfolden MN  
Winkelman, Britney Gail Biology Foley MN  
Woods, Stephen J Business Management Naples FL  
Xie, Yu Business Management Crookston MN  
Yates, Cassie Mae Early Childhood Education Buffalo MN  
Yi, Gwanwoo Accounting Crookston MN  
Zsedeny, Riley Gene Natural Resources Pelican Rapids MN  
Zutz, Steven Gordon Sport & Recreation Management Red Lake Falls MN