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Students Named to Dean’s List for Fall Semester 2008 at the U of M, Crookston
February 10, 2009

Students named to the fall semester 2008 Dean’s List at the University of Minnesota, Crookston  were announced by the Office of the Registrar. The U of M, Crookston is one of the most respected career-oriented, technology-based universities in the nation.

To qualify for a place on the Dean’s List, students must complete 12 or more letter-graded (A-F) credits while attaining a 3.50 grade point average. The Crookston campus is the online leader in the University of Minnesota system and the only campus providing every full-time student with a laptop computer.

Today the University of Minnesota, Crookston delivers more than 25 applied-science undergraduate degree programs and 50 concentrations, including several online degrees, in agriculture; arts, humanities and social sciences; business; math, science and technology; and natural resources. To learn more, visit

Fall 2008 Dean's List

Name Major Hometown State   Country
Aho,Nathaniel Carl Business Management BS Sebeka
Aspelin,Nathan Alan Natural Resources BS Fisher MN  
Baron,Levi P Health Sciences BS West Alexandria Ohio  
Bartholomew,Angela Marie Business Mgmt & Equine Science BS Maple Grove MN  
Bauer,Janie M Health Sciences BS Durand WI  
Benning,Tiffany Jean Animal Science BS Crookston MN  
Benoit,Jenna Christine Accounting & Business Mgmt BS Crookston MN  
Biddle,Jessica A Equine Science BS Elburn IL  
Blair,Christina Marie Animal Science & Biology BS Brainerd MN  
Bochow,Amanda Trish Natural Resources BS Crookston MN  
Boen,Chase P Agricultural Business BS Karlstad MN  
Borge,Jonathan C Agricultural Systems Mgmt BS Ada MN  
Boucha,John Allen Information Technology Mgmt BS Williams MN  
Boyer, RyanAdam Wildlife Mgmt B S Crookston MN  
Brazier,Tyler Computer Software Tech & Info Tech Mgmt BS Greenbush MN  
Brinkman,Matthew Paul Natural Resources BS Saint Joseph MN  
Carrlson,Virginia L Agricultural Business & Agricultural Educ BS New York Mills MN  
Carty,Amoy Annessa Hotel/Restrnt/Inst Mgmt BS Crookston MN  
Chiejina,Christopher Health Sciences BS Grand Rapids MI  
Choi, Hae-Yoon Hotel/Restrnt/Inst Mgmt BS Gyounggi-do  
Choi,Shin Hyoung Early Childhood Education BS Crookston MN  
Critchett,Laura J Equine Science BS Shoreview MN  
Czichotzki,Austin Animal Science BS Barnesville MN  
Dobson, Spencer Commu nication B S Crookston MN  
Dagoberg,Seth D Agricultural Systems Mgmt BS Alvarado MN  
Donati-Lewis,Heather Shay Equine Science BS St Coud FL  
Dullinger,Jackie Lee Biology BS Hutchinson MN  
Elgin, Erick Natural Resources
Mora MN  
Ellingson,Ryan Hotel/Restrnt/Inst Mgmt BS Wadena MN  
Fallon,Monica Rae Business Management BS Crookston MN  
Flaten,Singne R Animal Science BS Newfolden MN  
Felts, Bruce Franklin Biology BS Bemidji MN  
Flikka,Stacy Ann Business Mgmt & Early Childhood Education BS Crookston MN  
Gilbert,Christopher Phillip Hotel/Restrnt/Inst Mgmt BS Crookston MN  
Gysbers,Brian George Natural Resources BS Maplewood MN  
Haarstick,Thomas Shane Agricultural Systems Mgmt BS Vergas MN  
Hamel,Theresa A Agronomy BS Lakota ND  
Hannon,Megan Elizabeth Equine Science BS Green Bay WI  
Hanson,Tyler B Agricultural Systems Mgmt BS Fosston MN  
Hardy,Brenyn D Natural Resources BS Wallhalla SD  
Harrison,Parker Blake Health Sciences BS Conina CA  
Heggedal,Jakob Agronomy BS Badger MN  
Heo,Jeonghah Organizational Psychology BS Crookston MN  
Hier,Leela S Information Technology Mgmt BS Crookston MN  
Holland,Philip Wade Golf and Turf Mgmt & Horticulture BS New London MN  
Holzbauer,Skyler S Agronomy BS Breckenridge MN  
Hou,Zhaozi Non Degree Wezhou
Huelskamp,Stephanie Jo Business Management BS Crookston MN  
Jacobson,Cassandra Kay Natural Resources BS Sundance WY  
Jang,Sunah Undecided Minneapolis MN  
Jeong,Go Een Undecided Crookston MN  
Jeong,Jae Hyun Business Management BS Seoul
Ji,Yuhan Business Management BS Crookston MN  
Johnson, Kyle Robert Information Technology/Business Mgmt BS Grand Forks ND  
Johnson,Sean W Natural Resources BS Bemidji MN  
Johnson,Tamryn Jo Natural Resources BS Tamarack MN  
Jung,Bum-Seok Business Management BS Minneapolis MN  
Kang,Saeyoun Accounting BS Crookston MN  
Kaschmitter,Brianna M Agricultural Business BS Sauk Rapids MN  
Keimig,Rachel F Agricultural Systems Mgmt BS Princeton MN  
Kim,Dong-Sung Business Management BS Visan   Korea
Kim,Hee Sup Hotel/Restrnt/Inst Mgmt BS Crookston MN  
Kim,Keunyung Horticulture BS Gwangju
Kim,Kyu Tae Business Management BS Crookston MN  
Kim,Young Jin Information Technology Mgmt BS Crookston MN  
Kleinschmidt,Adam J Natural Resources BS Glenwood MN  
Knickrehm,Ashley K Early Childhood Education BS Menagha MN  
Knudson,Michael David Natural Resources BS Crookston MN  
Koski,Shannon Accounting BS Crookston MN  
Kuske,Daniel Mark Natural Resources BS Belle Plaine MN  
Larson,Zachary R Natural Resources BS Alexandria MN  
Lazzari,Benjamin Natural Resources BS Shakopee MN  
Lee,Jae-Joon Undecided Crookston MN  
Lee,Ji Yeon Communication BS Crookston MN  
Lee,Jun Young Business Management BS Seoul
Lee, Lisa Marie Information Technology Mgmt BS Crookston MN  
Lee,Sang Hyung Information Technology Mgmt BS Kyunggi
Lee, Stephanie Allanna Early Childhood Education BS Sante Fe NM  
Lee,Sung Soo Business Management BS Gyeong-Gi Do
Lee,Yeon Mi Horticulture BS Yengin-si
Lestingi, Lydia H Animal Science BS Clemons NY  
Maki,Samantha J Early Childhood Education BS Hoyt Lakes MN  
McVey,Eli Warren Business Management BS Princeton MN  
Mealman,Clay Steven Aviation BS Philips WI  
Melbye,Jordan B Post-Secondary Enrollment Opt Crookston MN  
Messner,Lincoln Joe Accounting BS Winthrop MN  
Misialek,Casey Rae Early Childhood Education BS Grafton ND  
Misialek,Chasity Mae Hotel/Restrnt/Inst Mgmt BS Grafton ND  
Moberg,Jeffrey Alden Applied Health BAH Grand Forks ND  
Moen,Darin Steven Agricultural Business BS Alvarado MN  
Montgomery,Jamie Undecided Apple Valley MN  
Morgan,Linda Kay Knutson Sport &Recreation Mgmt BS Crookston MN  
Moser,Jill Lynn Early Childhood Education BS Crookston MN  
Myers,Paul Michael Health Sciences BS Crookston MN  
Nelson,Shelby Business Management BS East Grand Forks MN  
Niemi,Grant Elias Health Sciences BS Brooklyn Center MN  
Norvitch,Philip S Natural Resources BS Mountain Iron MN  
Nowacki,Sarah Kristen Early Childhood Education BS Argyle MN  
Odegard, Casey James Business Management/Aviation BS Outlook MT  
Ogaard,Romuald Jay Communication BS Crookston MN  
Orne,Benjamin Gregory Natural Resources BS Woodbury MN  
Overby,Justin L Agronomy BS Langdon MN  
Palmer,Kelsey Marie Early Childhood Education BS Crookston MN  
Park,Sookjo Hotel/Restrnt/Inst Mgmt BS Crookston MN  
Park,Sung Joon Business Management BS Crookston MN  
Pederson,Erin Violet Communication BS Crookston MN  
Peterson,Daniel J Animal Science BS Ogilvie MN  
Purrington,Megan Marie Early Childhood Education BS Ada MN  
Rasmussen,JaNae Marie Early Childhood Education BS Crookston MN  
Rau,Matthew E Applied Health BAH Eau Claire WI  
Rogge,Abigail Joy Business Management BS Wadena MN  
Rohrer,Michelle Post-Secondary Enrollment Opt Worthington MN  
Roiko,Joshua Early Childhood Education BS Osage MN  
Romero,Raldy Business Mgmt & Sport/Recreation Mgmt BS Miami Springs FL  
Rude,Stefanie Marie Communication BS Halstad MN  
Rupp, Marian Equine Mgmt/Ag Business BS Northfield MN  
Sachwitz,Brandon Health Sciences BS Crookston MN  
Schira,Jacob Varion Sport &Recreation Mgmt BS Bloomfield Hills MI  
Schlangen,Jacqueline R Animal Science BS Belgrade MN  
Schlosser,Brittany Ellen Equine Science BS Frederick SD  
Schmid,Kenny Agricultural Systems Mgmt BS Grand Forks ND  
Schneider,Ben Joseph Natural Resources BS Cold Spring MN  
Schwartz,Gary Manufacturing Management BMM Brooklyn Park MN  
Sedorook,Robert Richard Biology BS Fisher MN  
Sherman,Kelsey Leigh Equine Science BS Lansing MI  
Skoien,Brittney Marie Equine Science BS Wannaska MN  
Slepicka,Jaclyn F Communication BS Palatine IL  
Smith,Nigel Robert Undecided Surrey BC Canada
Stockwell, Chase Jordan Natural Resources BS Medicine Lake MT  
Stoe,Adam Michael Agronomy BS Badger MN  
Stolt, Nathan Joseph Natural Resources BS Pine City MN  
Sylvester,Nick L Agricultural Business BS Crookston MN  
Taus,Chelsy Maria Nanette Early Childhood Education BS Crookston MN  
Thompson,Mitchell James Biology BS Deer Park WI  
Thompson,Tyler Information Technology Mgmt BS Trail MN  
Tollefson,AnnaMae Marie Post-Secondary Enrollment Opt Beltrami MN  
Torkelson, Bobbie Jo Early Childhood Education BS Crookston MN  
Trotter,Julie Ann Hotel/Restrnt/Inst Mgmt BS Eagan MN  
Valgren,Yvonne Nicole Organizational Psychology BS Stanley ND  
Veres,Nicole M Equine Science BS Crookston MN  
Walker,Cory Inglett Natural Resources BS Villard MN  
Walton,Ashley Mary Biology BS Crookston MN  
Wander,Weston J Golf and Turf Mgmt & Horticulture BS Sauk Centre MN  
Waslaski,Gavin R Agricultural Systems Mgmt BS Langdon ND  
Welch,Benjamin Frederick Business Management BS Edina MN  
Wells,Sara Nicole Equine Science BS Calgary Alberta,
Whalen,Nathan Earl Agronomy BS Oklee MN  
Williams,Ashley Hotel/Restrnt/Inst Mgmt BS Big Lake MN  
Won,Jung Lim Biology BS Crookston MN  
Wrzos,Holly Hotel/Restrnt/Inst Mgmt BS Big Lake MN  
Xie,Yu Business Management BS Crookston MN  
Yoon,Hahn Joo Information Technology Mgmt BS Seoul-Si
Zelinsky,Jamie R Sport & Recreation Mgmt BS Brooklyn Park MN  
Zelinsky,Jill Michelle Communication & Business Management BS Brooklyn Park MN  
Zhang,Jing Non Degree Hangzhou
Zoch,Jennifer Lyn Horticulture BS Crookston MN