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Fourth Annual Game Design Camp at the U of M, Crookston Scheduled for June 21-27, 2009; Campers Learn Video Game History, Scripting GameMaker, Maya®, and UnrealEd
April 27, 2009

What: Game Design Camp

When: June 21-27, 2009

Contact: David DeMuth, Jr., associate professor, 218-281-8259 ( Elizabeth Tollefson, assistant director of communications, 218-281-8432 (

Experience the math and physics behind simulating the natural world and more at the fourth annual Game Design Camp at the University of Minnesota, Crookston. The Game Design Camp will be held June 21-27, 2009, under the direction of David DeMuth, Jr., Ph.D. Campers live in a campus residential hall and are issued a laptop computer with the required software installed. Cost of the camp is $585 and includes laptop rental, room and board, and all activities.

The camp features hands-on training using commercial game editors; tournaments; and LAN parties, networking computers together to play computer games. Each morning campers will participate in a game design lecture session followed by an afternoon of work in the lab. Evenings are a time for LAN parties and socializing around a shared interest in computer gaming.

The schedule for the U of M, Crookston Game Design Camp includes:

Sunday, June 21 – Camp check-in begins at 1 p.m. That evening campers will have a special presentation about the history of video games.

Monday, June 22 – Learn game design fundamentals by simulating motion in GameMaker, a free, easy-to-learn game editor.

Tuesday, June 23 – Campers will use the more advanced features of GameMaker including scripting language.

Wednesday, June 24 – Introduction to creating using Autodesk ® Maya®, a software program that uses 3-D graphics and modeling.

Thursday, June 25 – With a focus on UnrealEd (UEd), students will gain experience using a commercial, industrial-strength software program used to create levels for the computer game Unreal, developed by Epic Games and Digital Extremes.

Friday, June 26 – Continued exploration of the abilities of UnrealEd will round out the week.

Saturday, June 27 – To conclude the week at Game Design Camp, campers will spend their final day discussing what makes a game a good one.

Sponsors of the Game Design Camp are the Math, Science, and Technology Department at the U of M, Crookston, the University of Minnesota’s Human Dimensioning Lab and Institute for New Media Studies. To learn more, visit or call 218-281-8380.

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