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U of M, Crookston Associate Professor Lyle Westrom, Ph.D., in Egypt to Introduce Active Teaching Methods in Schools
November 9, 2006

Contact: Krista Lemos, director of communications, 218-281-8438 (

CROOKSTON, MN (November 8, 2006) – Lyle Westrom, Ph.D., an associate agricultural education professor at the University of Minnesota, Crookston, is visiting Cairo, Egypt, through November 21, 2006, as part of a five-person teacher-educators team.
The delegation is training selected Egyptian university faculty members on preparing lesson plans and developing instructional materials needed to introduce active teaching-learning methods into secondary Agricultural Technical Schools (ATS) in Egypt. Westrom and the team he serves with are visiting several ATS schools to view their facilities and obtain feedback from ATS teachers.
Westrom, who has taught animal science courses for 18 years at the Crookston campus, was chosen for the project by the Midwest Universities Consortium for International Activities, Inc. (MUCIA). MUCIA collaborates in the development of institutions by providing qualified educational and technical expertise and services. The trip to Egypt is sponsored by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).
Westrom has been involved with training agricultural education teachers the past six years and taught high school agriculture for five years prior to joining the Crookston campus faculty. His background in instruction across various age groups and expertise in animal science and agricultural education led to his selection for the trip. He is the first faculty member selected for a USAID team in several years.
Westrom has the following specific responsibilities during the project:
  1. Conduct a workshop for Egyptian faculty focusing on how to write effective lesson plans;
  2. Assist the Egyptian faculty in writing one or more model lesson plans;
  3. Assist the Egyptian faculty in publishing a Teacher’s Guide to Active Learning in Animal Science;
  4. Distribute the lesson plans to 25 ATS faculty for pilot testing;
  5. Return to Egypt in late spring 2007 to meet with Egyptian counterparts to assess the usefulness of lesson plans.

Once these lesson plans and teaching aids have been revised a final time, they will be reproduced and distributed to all 130 ATS in Egypt for the 2007-08 academic year.
The international project Westrom is participating in is an example and part of the growing international focus at the University of Minnesota, Crookston. Global interchange of knowledge is becoming more critical as developing nations strive to enhance the production and distribution of food.  Education of youth is a foundational building block in that process.
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