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Crops Judging Team from U of M, Crookston Successful at National Competitions
November 21, 2007

Contact: Chuck Habstritt, associate professor, agronomy, 218- 281-8136 (, Elizabeth Tollefson, assistant director of communications, 218-281-8432 (

CROOKSTON, Minn. (November 21, 2007) – Success has long been a trademark of the
Crops Judging Team (at the Kansas City Contest): Stephen Roerick, Amy Schwartz, Joyana Wardrip and Luke Dighans and Chuck Habstritt
Crops Judging Team (at the Kansas City Contest): Stephen Roerick, Amy Schwartz, Joyana Wardrip and Luke Dighans and Chuck Habstritt
crops judging teams at the University of Minnesota, Crookston and this year’s team maintains that legacy. The 2007 Collegiate Crops Judging Team, coached by Agronomy Professor Chuck Habstritt, placed second at both the Chicago and Kansas City (Missouri) Collegiate Crops Judging Contest, just behind Kansas State University. The contests took place in mid-November.

The U of M, Crookston Crops Judging Team included Amy Schwartz, Monticello, Minn.; Luke Dighans, Peerless, Montana ; Joyana Wardrip, Nelson, Minn. The team’s alternate was Stephen Roerick, Swanville, Minn.

The Kansas City and Chicago contests represent the national finals of collegiate crops competition for the year. The competition consists of three parts: grain grading, seed analysis and seed identification.

The U of M, Crookston team had first place finishes in seed analysis in both competitions while taking second in grain grading and identification in Kansas City and third in Chicago resulting in the overall second place finish in both contests. In Kansas City and Chicago, Schwartz was the second place individual. While Wardrip placed sixth in Kansas City and fifth in Chicago. Dighans managed a seventh place finish in Kansas City and a ninth place finish in Chicago.

“Our collegiate crops judging teams have had great success over the years,” Habstritt explains. “We work hard and our students put in the time it takes to compete near the top. We are very proud of them.”

Habstritt has coached the crops judging teams for 36 years and is responsible for compiling the rules and regulations book used for the contest. Preparation for the crops contest teaches evaluation of crops for quality relative to certification, viability and marketing. Students learn in great depth many things which can be valuable regardless of their chosen profession in agronomy.

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