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UMC Awards: Outstanding Community Service

This award was first presented in 1999 to recognize the contributions UMC faculty and staff make within the larger community of Crookston and the region.  Individuals who receive this award are truly bridge builders who understand that UMC is not an island, but an integral part of northwest Minnesota.  They freely and openly share their talents and gifts, adding value to the entire region and reinforcing UMC's outreach mission.

The award has been presented to the following UMC faculty and staff:

  • 2014 - Krista Proulx, library assistant
  • 2013 - Josh Parrill, student personnel coordinator, Academic Assistance Center
  • 2012 - Jamie Fagerholt, Tutor and Testing Coordinator, Academic Assistance Center
  • 2011 - Kenneth Johnson, instructor, business
  • 2010 - Peter Phaiah, associate vice chancellor, Student Affairs
  • 2009 - Dan Svedarsky, professor and department head, Natural Resources Department
  • 2008 - Stacey Grunewald, coordinator, Student Health Services
  • 2007 - Wendell Johnson, associate professor, biology
  • 2006 - Tom Feiro, senior technician, Environmental Health and Safety
  • 2005 - Lisa Loegering, assistant director, Service Learning
  • 2004 - Dennis Magsam, audiovisual operations manager, Media Services
  • 2003 - Laurie Wilson, counselor and assistant education specialist, Office for Students with Disabilities
  • 2003 - Pam Holsinger-Fuchs, director of Student Activities and Service Learning
  • 2002 - George French, associate professor, Music
  • 2001 - Pam Sullivan, senior cashier, Dining Services
  • 2000 - Carol Larson, building and grounds worker, Facilities Management
  • 1999 - Nancy Capistran, lab services coordinator, Biology