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UMC Awards: Distinguished Teaching

A Distinguished Teaching Award was established in 1982 at the University of Minnesota, Crookston (UMC) to recognize individuals who have made significant contributions to teaching.  The award symbolizes UMC's commitment to excellence in teaching.  Again this year, one cash award of $500 will be presented to the award recipient along with an individual plaque.  The recipient's name will also be added to the plaque located in the Sahlstrom Conference Center honoring all previous recipients.

The award has been presented to the following UMC distinguished teachers:

  • 2015 - Margot Rudstrom, associate professor in the Agriculture and Natural Resources Department
  • 2014 - Terrill Bradford, instructor, Agriculture & Natural Resources Department
  • 2013  - Rachel McCoppin, associate professor, Liberal Arts & Education Department
  • 2012  - Kenneth Johnson, instructor, marketing
  • 2011  - Pam Elf, associate professor, biology
  • 2010  - Kevin Thompson, assistant professor, communication
  • 2009  - Rhett Johnson, instructor, natural resources
  • 2008  - Christo Robberts, program manager, bachelor of manufacturing management
  • 2007  - David DeMuth, associate professor, physics and mathematics
  • 2006  - Harouna Maiga, associate professor - animal science
  • 2005  - John P. Loegering, assistant professor of wildlife ecology
  • 2004  - Soo-Yin Lim-Thompson, associate professor of early childhood education
  • 2003  - Susan Brorson, professor of marketing and management
  • 2002  - Roger Wagner, associate professor of horticulture
  • 2000  - Paul Holm, associate professor of chemistry
  • 2000  - Lynnette Mullins, assistant professor of communication
  • 1999  - Charles "Chuck" Habstritt, associate professor of agronomy
  • 1998  - Wendell Johnson, associate professor of biology
  • 1997  - Glenice Johnson
  • 1996  - Lyle Westrom
  • 1995  - W. Daniel Svedarsky
  • 1994  - William "Bill" Peterson
  • 1993  - Philip Baird
  • 1992  - Ken Myers
  • 1991  - Bernard Selzler
  • 1990  - Jerome "Jerry" Knutson
  • 1989  - Betty Brecto
  • 1988  - Sharon Stewart
  • 1987  - Robert Johnson
  • 1986  - Susan Brorson
  • 1985  - Alice Moorhead
  • 1984  - William "Bill" Peterson
  • 1983  - Harvey Peterson



  1. Includes all full-time UMC faculty/staff engaged in a minimum of 50 percent time teaching at UMC and have completed three or more years prior to the nomination of the award.

  2. Nominations will be accepted from students, colleagues, alumni, UMC clubs or organizations, academic units, and/or individual faculty and staff.  Please see Nomination Procedure section below for the guidelines in submitting nominations.

  3. Previous recipients are eligible after five years have passed from the last time the award was received.

  4. The files of unsuccessful nominees will remain active for two additional years for later consideration.



Nominations should be in the following format in a folder and should include the following information:

  1. Letter of nomination (submitted by the nominator) summarizing the nominee’s qualifications as they relate to the Evaluation Criteria (see next section).
  2. Vitae with:
        a. departmental, collegiate, and university committee involvement;
        b. publication record;
        c. courses taught;
        d. course development;
        e. advising assignments;
        f. list of teaching related materials which have been developed.
  3. Evidence of improvement of teaching.
  4. Peer or colleague evaluations (maximum of three letters supporting the nomination; letters should address items listed under Evaluation Criteria).  Note:  Letters will be solicited by an individual other than the nominee.
  5. Alumni evaluations (maximum of three letters supporting the nomination; letters should address items listed under Evaluation Criteria).  Note:  Letters will be solicited by an individual other than the nominee.



Selection of the award recipient will be based on the documents that support each nomination.  The following items will be considered:

  1. Teaching Effectiveness
        a. Use of current, innovative, and effective teaching practices.
        b. Ability to stimulate students to be successful academically.
        c. Course material presented is current.
  2. Student Development
        a. Success in helping students develop their leadership and social skills.
        b. Availability and willingness to help students.
  3. Educational Leadership
        a. Contributions to teaching through seminars, articles, and other professional activities.
        b. Educational contributions to UMC.


Review of all nominations and selection of the Distinguished Teaching Award recipient is the responsibility of the Faculty Awards Committee.

January 22, 2016 Committee begins seeking nominations
February 26, 2016 Nominations cease
March 25, 2016 Completed nomination materials due to committee chair
April 15, 2016 Committee chair sends recipient’s name to the Academic Affairs Office
May 10, 2016 UMC Faculty/Staff Day (date TBD)
Recognition of recipient with presentation of plaque and cash award

Questions should be directed to Courtney Bergman, the 2015-2016 Faculty Awards Committee Chair, at: