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UMC Awards: Outstanding Educator

Each spring UMC students nominate a number of faculty members to be considered for the Outstanding Educator Award.  This award is significant in that the entire UMC student body votes to select the recipient, meaning the award recipient has captured the imagination of his or her students.  The award winner is named at the annual UMC Student Awards Reception.

The Outstanding Educator Award has been presented to the following UMC faculty members:

  • 2016 Chris Sthultz, assistant professor, Math, Science & Technology Dept.
  • 2015 Rachel McCoppin, professor, Liberal Arts & Education
  • 2014 Matthew Simmons, assistant professor, Agriculture & Natural Resources Department
  • 2013 Ron Del Vecchio, professor and department head, Agriculture and Natural Resources Dept
  • 2012 Dennis Maier, assistant professor, business management
  • 2011 Kevin Thompson, assistant professor of communication
  • 2010 Rachel McCoppin, associate professor of communication
  • 2009 Pam Elf, associate professor of biology
  • 2008 Kevin Thompson, assistant professor of communication
  • 2007 Kevin Thompson, assistant professor of communication
  • 2006 Kenneth Johnson, instructor, business management
  • 2005 Chuck Habstritt, associate professor of agronomy
  • 2004 John Loegering, assistant professor of natural resources
  • 2003 Phil Baird, associate professor of natural resources
  • 2002 Jennifer Loy Johnson, instructor of composition
  • 2001 Jerome "Jerry" Knutson, associate professor of biology
  • 2000 Steven Shirley, instructor of marketing
  • 1999 Lynnette Mullins, assistant professor of communications
  • 1998 Paul Aakre, assistant professor of mechanized agriculture
  • 1997 Wendell Johnson, associate professor of biology
  • 1996 Roger Wagner, associate professor of horticulture
  • 1995 Fr. Jerry Feltis, lecturer in ethics
  • 1994 Charles "Chuck" Habstritt, associate professor of agronomy
  • 1993 Charles "Charlie" Bailey, lecturer in marketing