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e-Degree FAQ

What is e-Degree?

e-Degree is an online application for your degree. Remember, applying for your degree is not the same as applying for commencement or to walk in graduation.

Who can use e-Degree?

Undergraduates completing a baccalaureate degree who have completed 90 credits. There is no minimum credit requirement for undergraduates completing an Associate degree.

I think I’m eligible to use e-Degree but I can’t get into the system. What should I do?

Check your total number of credits.  If you meet the credit requirement, please inform the Registrar’s Office (Office of the Registrar, 7 Hill Hall) that you are having problems.

What are the financial aid consequences for applying for my degree?

Applying for a degree may have serious consequences for your eligibility. Please click here for more information.

What if I don’t see the graduation term I want?

e-Degree allows students to apply for graduation up to one year ahead of their expected graduation date. If you don’t see the term in which you want to graduate, the deadline may have passed or you may be applying too early. If you believe the term your desired graduation term should be listed but it is not, or if you don’t know which term to select, please contact the Registrar’s Office (Office of the Registrar, 7 Hill Hall).

I missed the deadline to apply; what should I do?

If possible, select a future term. Even though you may have missed the deadline for your desired term, you can still use e-Degree to apply for a future term. If you have extenuating circumstances and must graduate in a term not listed, please contact the Registrar’s Office (Office of the Registrar, 7 Hill Hall).

What does the “submission deadline” mean?

The submission deadline is the last date to use e-Degree to apply for graduation. Each deadline is different depending on the term.

What happens if I cancel and exit before my application is completed?

If you choose to“cancel and exit” anytime during your application, you will lose all of the information you had previously entered. This means you will have to start at the beginning the next time you want to complete an e-Degree application.

My degree isn’t listed correctly in my application.

If your degree is listed incorrectly, you’ll need to contact the Registrar’s Office (Office of the Registrar, 7 Hill Hall). State you are ready to apply for your degree but noticed it isn’t listed correctly in your application.

My major or minor isn’t listed correctly; what should I do?

e-Degree allows you to remove incorrect majors or minors. If you have a major or minor listed in the e-Degree application you do not intend to finish, you may select “Remove” to remove it from your permanent record. If no major or minor is listed correctly in your application, please contact the Registrar’s Office (Office of the Registrar, 7 Hill Hall)

I have more than one degree to apply for in the same term.

If you have two degrees (for example, a Bachelor of Science degree and an Associate in Applied Science degree), you will be able to apply for both degrees in one application.

Can I go backward in my application if I think I entered something incorrectly?

You have the opportunity in e-Degree to return to a previous step to make changes. You will also be asked to review your application before you submit it; changes can be made at that time.

Please explain “Include,” “Defer” and “Remove”—I don’t know which one to pick!

Include:  Select “include” for majors or minors you will complete by the term you selected for graduation.

Defer:   Select “defer” for majors or minors you intend to complete at a different time than the term you selected for graduation.

Note:  If you defer a major or minor and complete it at a later time, you will need to contact the Registrar’s Office (Office of the Registrar, 170 Owen Hall) when you have completed the requirements.

Remove: Select “remove” for majors or minors you do not intend to complete at any time.

Note: By selecting “remove,” you will remove this major or minor from your permanent student record. This means you will need to contact the Registrar’s Office (Office of the Registrar, 7 Hill Hall) should you decide to complete it later. If there is any chance you may complete this major or minor at another time, select “defer.”

I want to change how my name will appear on my diploma.

You have the option to select your primary name or, if you have one listed, your preferred name as your diploma name. You also have the option to edit the appearance of your first and middle name. However, making changes to the appearance of your name does not update your primary or preferred name with the University; your diploma name is separate from your primary and preferred name. To update your primary name, click here, and select the "Student Name Change Request" form. You will need to submit appropriate documentation with this form. To update your preferred name, Click update Personal Information.

Which address should I choose?

You should select the address where you want your diploma mailed. Remember, it takes four to six weeks to receive your diploma. Keep in mind your diploma will be mailed in a non-bendable envelope. Consider that when choosing your address. Also, keep in mind that your diploma may be delivered in inclement weather.

My address isn’t listed correctly; how do I fix it?

Enter your correct address in the “Diploma Address” field. If you wish to update your home or mailing address, use the "Personal Information" link on the One Stop home page.

I want my degree sent to a third party; how do I do this?

To send your degree to a third party, enter the address in the “Diploma Address” field. Be sure to include “In care of” followed by the name of the person who will receive your diploma on the first line of the address field.

What does the “deadline” mean when I’m reviewing my information?

There are different processing deadlines for each piece of information you enter. You must abide by each individual deadline to ensure accurate and timely processing of your application.

How will I know if my application has been successfully submitted?

Once you hit “submit” at the end of the application, you will see a screen confirming the successful submission of your application. You will also be asked to print a copy for your records.

If I think something is incorrect after I submit my application, how do I get it changed?

You can make changes through e-Degree to your application once it is submitted provided you abide by the deadlines listed on the review page of your application. If you wish to make a change after any deadline has passed, contact the Registrar’s Office (Office of the Registrar, 7 Hill Hall).

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