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Cancellation Out of College

WARNING ! Dropping or withdrawing from courses can have serious financial and academic implications, possibly affecting billing, financial aid, VA benefits, eligibility to participate in NCAA athletic events and, for international students, immigration status. Students are strongly encouraged to consult with their academic adviser and financial aid counselor before withdrawing. Students are considered the responsible parties for any/all transactions processed against their academic records.

Withdrawal From the University (canceling registration in all classes)

All students who find it necessary or advisable to completely withdraw from college must obtain a withdrawal form from the Counseling & Career Services Office (245 Student Center, 270B Owen, 270D Owen), Student Experience/Parent Coordinator Office (145G Student Center), or International Study Abroad Office (240 Student Center) obtain the necessary signatures, and complete an exit interview before the withdrawal is official.


If a student officially withdraws from a course during the first two weeks of classes, there shall be no record of that course registration entered on the student's transcript. There shall be a symbol W, withdrawal , entered upon a student's record when the student officially withdraws from a course in accordance with procedures established by the student's college or campus. The W will be entered on the transcript irrespective of the student's academic standing in that course if the student withdraws from the course during the third through eighth week of class (second or third weeks of summer sessions).

Withdrawal in the ninth or later week of classes (fourth or later in summer sessions) shall require approval of the college and may not be granted solely because a student is failing the course; there must extenuating non-academic circumstances justifying late withdrawal. Each student may, once during his or her undergraduate enrollment, withdraw from a course without college approval, and receive the transcript symbol W, after the eighth week of class and at any time up to and including the last day of class for that course.  

--Adopted as University Senate Policy February 20, 1997

--Amended by the Faculty Senate September 29, 2005

--Three amendments approved by the Administration October 19, 2005

Prior to the cancellation deadline of the term. The University does not require that the student justify any course withdrawal completed prior to the cancellation deadline of the term (see here for full semester and part-term cancellation deadlines). You may withdraw from one or more classes by accessing the registration system through the published course withdrawal date.

After the cancellation deadline of the term. Beginning the ninth week of a regular semester course or after the cancellation deadline of a part-term course, the student must give evidence of extenuating circumstances to justify withdrawal from a course. A student may petition (form here) to withdraw completely from the University for serious and compelling reasons. All requests for withdrawal from the University must be submitted in writing to the Academic Standards and Policy Committee. The request for withdrawal approval must be submitted with a written explanation of the extenuating circumstances and any appropriate documentation to the Office of the Registrar, 9 Hill Hall. Students withdrawing from the University whose petition has been approved by the AS&P Committee will be assigned grades of W. Students whose petitions are denied will receive the letter grade awarded by the instructor based on the work submitted for the entire semester.

Extenuating Circumstances . There may be many reasons to request withdrawal from all of your classes including, but not limited to, sudden hospitalization, death in the family, a personal or family crisis, and unanticipated and unavoidable changes in employment. Avoidance of an undesirable grade does not justify withdrawal. Withdrawal requests requiring approval by the UMC Academic Standards & Policy Committee are typically only permitted for the entire semester and only for non-academic reasons. No withdrawals can be approved to avoid an unsatisfactory grade. Please continue attending all classes in which you are officially enrolled and complete the required coursework unless you receive written notification that your petition has been approved.


Students who cancel all or part of their registration are entitled to tuition and fee refunds based on the date of official cancellation. The tuition refund policy for all students is available at the UMC Business Affairs Office Web Page.


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