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Holds on Registration

If you have a hold on your record, you may not register or, in many cases, obtain transcripts until that hold is cleared with the office imposing the hold. A hold may be imposed for financial indebtedness to the University (e.g., for unpaid tuition, fees, or library fines) or for disciplinary or scholastic reasons. You will usually be notified of an existing or impending hold by the department or office authorizing the hold. Notice of any hold, including the name of the department or office and where it may be cleared, is available at holds on your record  .

To remove a hold from your record, you must first pay the debt owed, correct the scholastic deficiency, or be cleared by Student Affairs. For most debts you will receive a billing statement, which you will submit with payment at the Business Office; you may present the receipted billing statement to the department or office that authorized the hold as evidence that the debt has been paid.

When you clear any hold, the unit imposing the hold will electronically remove the hold from your record. (In some cases you may be given a paper release. You must then take this release to the Office of the Registrar.) Units may, on occasion, issue a temporary hold release. This release allows you to either receive one transcript or register during the term in progress.

If, in order to register, you pay a Student Accounts Receivable hold for a previous term with a personal check that is returned because of insufficient funds, you will be sent a notice by the Business Office. Your current registration may be canceled if you fail to respond to this notice and pay your debt.

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