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Parent/Guest Access - Authorize access to a student record

University student record information, such as unofficial transcript and classes completed, is recorded online in a dynamic profile that is continually updated. A student must grant permission for a parent or guest to access the details of, or to view bills and make payments in, her or his student account. A student may also revoke access to a guest at any time, without notice to the guest.

What can I access on my student's record?

Full Access View-only access
Parents/guests have full access to view the Student Account and complete online billing & payment.

Parents/guests can receive view-only access to the student's:

  • Class schedule
  • Unofficial transcript
  • Housing contract, assignment and billing
  • Student conduct in on-campus housing
  • To do list
  • Financial Aid
  • Holds
  • Meal plans


Access will not allow you to:

  • request an official transcript
  • register for classes
  • respond to the eFAAN
  • update student personal information



How to Guides:

For students: How to authorize access

For parents and guests: How to access your student's record



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