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Parent/Guest Access

If you have already been granted Parent/Guest Access, go to the Parent/Guest Access login

Parent/Guest Access, an online self-service application, allows students active in a program at any of the four University of Minnesota campuses to provide a parent, spouse or other third party with view-only access to their student record information.

Parent/Guest Access allows a third party to see up to six of the following areas of a student's record:

  • Enrollment Summary
  • Financial Aid Status
  • Grades
  • Holds
  • Student Account
  • View Financial Aid Awards

Students invite a third party to be a guest viewer via an e-mail generated within the application. The guest responds by clicking an encoded link within the e-mail. This process associates the student record with the guest viewer. Students then grant specific viewing rights to one or more of the six areas of their student record. Students are able to discontinue access to their record at any time.

The process for a student to release information is as follows:

1. Go to the Parent/Guest authorization website .

2. The student will sign on, using his or her username and password. A Web page will then come up with a button marked "Invite Guest". Click on the button and identify any guest(s) you want to have access to specific student records.

3. After the student provides the requested information, an e-mail will then be sent to any "guest".

4. The parent/guest will receive an e-mail from the University with an invitation to sign up for guest access. The parent/guest responds by clicking on a link in the e-mail that will allow the parent/guest to obtain a University Internet ID and password of his/her own.

5. After the parent/guest has responded, the student is notified by e-mail that the parent/guest has completed the sign-up process. The student then assigns any or all of six areas of access to the parent/guest: holds, grades, enrollment summary, financial aid status, student account, and financial aid awards. The student may choose to allow or deny access to any of the six areas.

6. The parent/guest receives an e-mail outlining the access they've been given and at any time can click on the link provided to see the student record.

The fine print: Please note that the release only provides access to information maintained by the University's Office of the Registrar, Office of Student Financial Aid, and the Business Office. It does not provide access to faculty or advising records, health records, housing records, or records maintained by other campus offices. For more information about student records and data privacy, see

Regents Policy on Access to Student Records