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Graduation Requirements

1. To be eligible for a University of Minnesota undergraduate degree, a student must present at least 30 semester credits awarded by the University of Minnesota campus from which he or she is seeking to graduate.

2. Students must complete at least half of upper division major work on the campus from which they are seeking to graduate.

3. At least 15 credits of the last 30 credits earned prior to the awarding of a University degree must be awarded by the University of Minnesota campus from which a student is seeking to graduate.

4. For students who seek an academic minor, to be eligible for record of a minor on the University of Minnesota transcript, students must take at least three (3) upper division credits in the minor field at the campus from which they will receive their degree.

A student's college or campus may, under extraordinary circumstances, waive the requirements in sections 2, 3, and 4 above, but not Section 1. All credit awarded by the University, regardless of the type of instruction, counts toward the credit requirements for the degree.

To qualify for the Bachelor of Science degree, the candidate must complete a minimum of 120 credits with a minimum GPA of 2.00 (C). The faculty reserves the right to change requirements for the various curricula. However, the credits required for the degree will not exceed the total specified at the time the student enrolled.

Liberal education, major, and elective requirements for graduation are specifically outlined for each program of study in subsequent sections of this catalog.

Diploma Information

A University of Minnesota diploma indicates a student's name (as submitted on the Application for Degree ), the degree earned, and any honors earned. A University of Minnesota diploma does not indicate a student's major; majors are indicated on the transcript only.

Expect the University to mail you your diploma about two months after you complete your degree requirements, unless you have a hold which prevents them from doing so. Check for holds on your record. Notify the Registrar's Office (contact information below) when you clear a hold in order to receive your diploma.

Val Uttermark
Office of the Registrar
9 Hill Hall
University of Minnesota , Crookston
2900 University Avenue
Crookston , MN 56716-5001

Additional diplomas may be ordered for $15 from the Twin Cities campus. Forms should be mailed to the address on the form.


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