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Multi-Institution Enrollment (Multi-I)

Attendance at another University of Minnesota Campus -- Twin Cities, Morris, Duluth, Rochester, and Crookston

A consortium agreement exists among the five campuses of the University of Minnesota that enables you to attend another campus. You are allowed to attend for one term during an academic year without losing your status or jeopardizing your eligibility for student financial aid at your home campus. NOTE: This policy does NOT apply to students required to complete courses offered at another UM campus as part of the degree requirements (e.g., Agricultural Education, Equine Science, Organizational Psychology). Speak with your academic adviser or academic department for more information.

Multi-institutional students fall into two categories:

  1. 1. Students who are enrolled on two campuses for one term. (For example, you are enrolled on your home campus but want to take a distance learning course from a co-campus.)
  2. Students who want to enroll on a co-campus instead of your home campus. (For example, you want to take courses not offered on your home campus.)

UMC students who are interested in applying to attend a co-campus should contact the Office of the Registrar at (218) 281-8547 to request an application. Students are expected to complete the application one month before the start of the term.

Financial Aid Approval- If you are receiving any grants, loans, work-study, or scholarships, you must discuss your plans with a financial aid officer. Written approval from the financial aid officer is required. Financial aid can only be used for courses in which you are registered through the University.

Tuition and Fees- A Board of Regents’ policy caps tuition and fees for students at the home-campus at the 13-credit tuition plateau. If you take classes at more than one campus simultaneously, you will receive bills from each campus. You will be charged separate tuition and fees for classes taken on each campus. If the total tuition you are charged by all campuses exceeds the 13-credit tuition plateau, the amount will be prorated so that the total tuition charge is equal to the home-campus tuition cap. If the total tuition charge from all campuses is less than the home-campus 13-credit tuition plateau you will be billed for the full tuition amount for the credits you are registered in from each campus. If you are assessed student service fees from more than one campus, visit the Office of the Registrar at your home campus, or the visiting campus, to have one set of fees removed. The Duluth and Twin Cities campus may assess nonresident tuition rates if you are not a Minnesota resident. Residents of North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin may need to submit reciprocity forms in order to receive the reciprocity tuition rate.

Please click here for a Multi-I Enrollment Form: Multi-I Application (pdf)


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