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2013 Faculty & Staff Awards

45 Years of Service - Bill Peterson 40 Years of Service - Sharon Stewart & Kent Freberg 35 Years of Service - Sue Dwye, Marlene LeBlanc, and Gary Willhite (not pictured John Wiersma) 30 Years of Service - Tim Danielson (not pictured Owen Williams) 25 Years of Services - Anne Burke 20 Years of Service - Greg Benoit and Sue Jacobson (not pictured Tom Mulvaney) 15 Years of Service - Renee Mulcahy, James Schaar, Mary Feller, Nicky Overgaard, Monica Sevigny, Tom Sondreal, and Galen Thompson 10 Years of Services - Donna Larson, Rob Stoe, Ron Del Vecchio, Rachel McCoppin, and Karen Myszkowski (not pictured Tricia Sanders) Retirement - Tom Baldwin Retirement - Vicki Svedarsky Retirement - Mike Vivion Distinguished Teaching- Rachel McCoppin Distinguished Civil Service/Bargaining Unit - Linda Wilkens Distinguished Professional & Administrative - Michelle Christopherson Outstanding Service Learning Faculty Award - Ken Bulie University Outstanding Community Service Award - Josh Parrill Builders of Diversity Award - Melissa Parkin Retirement & Transitioning Employees Reception - Mike Vivion, Jack Geller, Tom Baldwin, Adel Ali, Vicki Svedarsky (with Chancellor Fred Wood)


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