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2014 Student Awards Photo Gallery

The annual student awards ceremony held in April celebrates student academic and athletic achievement as well as  service and leadership. The evening also highlights awards for outstanding educator and service and support of students by faculty and staff.

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Crookston Student Association
 Back row, left to right: Jesse Jennings, Trevor Buttermore, Kisun Kim, Ross Sigler, Jiwon Park, Brennan Andreas, Justin Goodroad. Middle row: Drew Underdahl, Monika Sweet, Sarah Muellner, Delaney Kohorst, Emily Campbell, Natalie Tym. Front row: Ashley Hoffman, Laura Gabrielson, Alexmai Addo, Kayla Bellrichard, with Lisa Sameulson, advisor. Outstanding Ambassadors, back row, left to right: Brant Moore, Dustin Smith, Rochelle Herzog, Randi Bethel, Cassie Hagg (Rookie Ambassador of the Year), Justin Goodroad, with Lisa Loegering
Front row: Michelle Boateng, Sarah Muellner, Toynell Delaney, Emily Caldis, Catlin Kersting (Ambassador of the Year), and Sarah Morris

Not pictured: Chris Kohloff, Karli Anderson, Shaolei (Sorry) Jin, Kevin Lamp, Alisha Grams Outstanding First-Year Biology Award
Kary Sheppard and Sierra Trost with Katie Sheetz
Outstanding Future Educator Award
Amanda Overman, Alyssa Schneider with Marsha Odom
Marketing/Management Outstanding Leadership Award
Brooke Hoffman and Kayla Bellrichard
Outstanding Accounting Student
Abdou Niang with Scott Leckie
Outstanding Sport and Recreation Management Student
Brennan Andreas with Scott Leckie
Outstanding Communication Student
Steffanie Berg, Haley Weleski, and Ruth Navarro with Kevin Thompson
SOS Service Award
Katie Nenn, Kevin Lamp, Kayla Bellrichard, and Ross Sigler
Outstanding SOS Leader
Cody Current
Norman Pankratz Memorial Conservation Award
Cayla Bendel with Dan Svedarsky
John Polley Soil and Water Conservation Award
Mark Koep with Dan Svedarsky

Outstanding Ag Systems Management Student
Alex DeBoer with Paul Aakre
Outstanding Horticulture
Justin Goodroad with Theresa Helgeson

NACTA Recognition
In the photo, left to right, back row: Dylan Pratt, Cody Thompson, Brian Oachs, Andrew Clark, Justin Goodroad, Emily Goff. Middle row: Dustin Smith, Ashley Hoffman, Jared Nowacki, Ben Genereux, Eric Derosier, Emily Campbell.  Front row: Mitzi Marlin, Haley Weleski, Cassie Jo Adams, Sarah Morris, Ashley Radke with Margot Rudstrom. 
Outstanding International Student Scholar Award
Brennan Andreas with Kim Gillette
Multicultural and International Student Recognition
Rae French with Chia Moua, and Young A Choi
Dale Knotek Community Service Award – National Society for Leadership and Success (NSLS)
Top left to right: Brennan Andreas, Brandon Schmidy, Alyssa Schneider
Bottom left to right: Rochelle Herzog, Emily Caldis, Alissa Hernandez

President's Volunteer Service Award Front row, left to right:  Gyungyoun "Ann" Baek, Julia Rinn, Emily Caldis, Kaylina Paulley, Kevin Lamp, Alissa Hernandez, Katie Nenn, with Lisa Loegering. 2nd Row:  Stephanie Lane, Laura Gabrielson, Ashley Hoffman, Katelyn Johnson, Alexmai Addo, Andrew Buell. 3rd Row:  Adam Roerish, Kayla Bellrichard, Faith Benassi, Megan Luxford, Joanie Melichar, Karly Spohnholtz. Back Row:  Jesse Jennings, Isaac Ossei, Dominic Becker, Cody Current, Tyler Lowthian, Ross Sigler

Student Volunteers of Year Adam Roerish, Andrew Buell, with Lisa Loegering 
Achievement in Music and Theater Award
Back row, left to right, are Justin Goodroad, Alex Conwell and front row TJ Chapman, band director, Tyler Lowthian, Alissa Hernandez, and George French, director of music and theater.  
Computer Help Desk
Isaac Osei with Thea Oertwich
Student Employee of the Year
Marissa Dempsey with Ken Mendez
NSIC Student Athlete Award
Josh Perea, Alyssa Schnieder with Natasha Kuhle and Stephanie Helgeson

Female and Male Student Athlete of the Year
Katie Sheetz and Jesse Jennings with Natasha Kuhle and Stephanie Helgeson
Female and Male Outstanding Athlete of the Year
Matt McClure and Katrina Moenkedick with Natasha Kuhle and Stephanie Helgeson
Justin Knebel Memorial Award
Natasha Kuhle and Tomas Parker with Stephanie Helgeson
Student Programmer of the Year
Emily Cauldis with Lisa Samuelson
Outstanding CSA Senator
Kayla Bellrichard with Alexmai Addo
Student Achievement Awards
Back row: Andy Albertsen, a senior majoring in natural resources from Nelson, Minn.; Alexandra Skeeter, a senior majoring in health sciences from Milwaukee, Wis.; Justin Goodroad, a senior majoring in horticulture from Lindstrom, Minn.; and Alissa Hernandez, a senior majoring in animal science and equine science from Savage, Minn.
Middle row: Kevin Lamp, a junior majoring in natural resources from Long Lake, Minn.; Michael McMahon,a senior majoring in natural resources and aviation from St. Paul, Minn.; Tiffany Breth, a senior majoring in animal science from Albany, Minn.; Rowenna Fillmore, a senior majoring in animal science from Lake Nebagamon, Wis.; and Gyungyoun (Ann) Baek, a senior majoring in health sciences from Seoul, South Korea.
Front row: Cayla Bendel,a senior majoring in natural resources from Lakeville, Minn.; Man of the Year, Sean Rozell, a senior majoring in management from Eveleth, Minn.; Woman of the Year, Kayla Bellrichard, a senior majoring in management and marketing from Elk River, Minn.; Alexmai Addo, a senior from Monrovia, Liberia, majoring in communication; and Chancellor Fred Wood.
Man and Woman of Year
Sean Rozell and Kayla Bellrichard 
Outstanding CSA Voting Delegate Award
Justin Goodroad with Aaron Bengston and Alexmai Addo
Outstanding Educator Matt Simmons with Justin Goodroad, left, and Alexmai Addo, right.


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