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Services to students on Academic Probation

Students who do not attain good academic standing are placed on probation. Students on probation have the following conditions:

  • They may not enroll for more than 15 credits.
  • They must complete the Academic Action Plan, meet with their advisers and the director of the Academic Success Center during the first week of class. Online students should contact the Online Student Success Coordinator for assistance with their Plans.
  • They must spend at least two hours/week in supervised study in either the Academic Success Center or the library (on-campus only).
  • They must meet with the director of the Academic Success Center at mid-term to check on classes and progress toward good academic standing (on-campus only). Online students should have regular communication with the Online Student Success Coordinator regarding their progress.

Need help? On-campus students may make an appointment to work with a tutor here.

Online students may make tutoring appointments here.