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Academic Probation Information

What is Academic Probation?
University of Minnesota Crookston (UMC) students are required to make progress toward earning their degree.  The table below outlines the cumulative grade point average (GPA) required to satisfy progression toward earning a degree.  The term “Academic Probation” is a status given to students who do not meet minimum GPA requirements as outlined in the UMC Academic Progress Policy

Cumulative Credits Attempted With Permanent Grades

Required Minimum Cumulative GPA







32 and beyond


If you are notified that you are on probation by the Office of the Registrar, you will be required to work closely with the Student Success Coordinators at the Academic Success Center.  You are encouraged to familiarize yourself with the Academic Success Center prior to first day of the semester.

How do students get off Academic Probation?
While on Academic Probation, students must earn a minimum term and cumulative GPA consistent with the credit hour/GPA table above.  Students whose term GPA does not meet the requirement will be suspended.  Students who meet the term GPA requirements will be removed from probation, or continue on probation according to the following table:

Meets Minimum Requirements?

Term GPA

Cumulative GPA







Removed from probation



Continue on probation

You will need to work closely with your Academic Adviser and the staff of the Academic Success Center during each semester you are on probation until you achieve academic good standing.  Your Academic Adviser and Student Success Coordinators will provide you with assistance options to help you get off probation.

Will other students know I am in Academic Probation Program?
No.  Student information is kept confidential.

What are the requirements for students on Academic Probation?
Before the semester starts:
While on Academic Probation, students may register for a maximum of 15 credits.  If a probation student has more than 15 credits, the student must reduce their credit load before the first Friday of the semester.  If a student still has over 15 credits by the first Friday, the Office of the Registrar will automatically reduce a student’s course load to no more than 15 credits. 

During Academic Probation, students are not able to self-register.  Students must contact their Academic Adviser, who will register the student for classes.  Additionally, students on Academic Probation cannot withdraw from classes without Academic Adviser approval.   

First week of classes (or earlier)
Students must complete an Academic Action Plan (AAP)

On-Campus Students:
The student will be provided with a copy of the AAP from the Office of the Registrar prior to the semester.  Additional copies of the AAP can be obtained from the Academic Success Center.  On-campus students must bring their AAP to their Academic Adviser.  The Academic Adviser will work with the student to identify weak points in their college preparation and help the student develop a course of action.  (On-campus students must obtain his/her adviser’s signature).  Once the on-campus student obtains his/her adviser’s signature, the student must meet with the Student Success Coordinator in the Academic Success Center.  After obtaining the on-campus student success coordinator’s signature, the student must turn in the AAP to the Office of the Registrar (9 Hill Hall) by 3:00 pm on Friday of the second week of class. 

Online Students:
The Office of the Registrar will provide a student with an AAP prior to the semester.  Additional copies can be obtained from the Academic Success Center.  Online students need to email or submit their AAP to the Online Student Success Coordinator.  The online student then must email or call the Online Student Success Coordinator to set up an initial phone/video conference to review the Academic Probation requirements for the semester.  Once a student meets with the Online Student Success Coordinator, the Coordinator will sign the AAP and bring the form to the student’s Academic Adviser.  Once an Academic Adviser signs the AAP, the form will be submitted to Office of the Registrar.  The AAP must be into the Office of the Registrar by 3:00 pm on Friday of the second week of class. 

Throughout the semester

On-Campus Students:
Students on probation must spend a minimum of two hours per week studying in the Academic Success Center beginning the second week of class.  This study time may be augmented or replaced by meeting with a tutor for two hours a week.  

Online Students:

Students must schedule a phone/video conference with the Online Student Success Coordinator every other week to discuss progress in each of their classes.  These conferences are designed to benefit the student by offering pertinent information as different questions and situations arise during the semester.  Prior to the phone/video conference, students should submit an Academic Status Report (ASR) to the Online Student Success Coordinator.  The ASR will be provided to the student during the initial meeting with the Online Student Success Coordinator.