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Making an Appointment

Schedule appointment's at two weeks in advance. Walk-in visits are welcome, subject to consultant availability, but are not guaranteed.

If an emergency arises that prevents you from maintaining your scheduled appointment, please cancel or re-schedule immediately, so that other students schedule. Missing two appointments in one semester will result in losing scheduling privileges.

Bring a copy of your assignment instructions when you come.

You will need your UMC username and password to log in to make an appointment. Once you are in the scheduling calendar, you can choose any OPEN slot and fill in all the information requested. Follow the same procedure to cancel or re-schedule an appointment.

Regular fall and spring semester hours:

Mon-Thur 9 am to 6 pm
Fri 9 am to 4:30 pm



Below is a schedule of consultant availability. Visit Writing Consultants to learn about your consultant.

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
  Tutor 1 Tutor 2 Tutor 1 Tutor 2 Tutor 1 Tutor 2 Tutor 1 Tutor 2 Tutor 1 Tutor 2
9:00 Linnea   Linnea   Linnea   Linnea   Linnea  
9:30 Linnea   Linnea   Linnea   Linnea   Linnea  
10:00 Alyssa   Stephanie   Alyssa   Stephanie   Linnea  
10:30 Alyssa   Stephanie   Alyssa   Stephanie   Linnea  
11:00 Alyssa   Stephanie   Alyssa   Stephanie      
11:30     Stephanie       Stephanie      
1:00 James               Stephanie  
1:30 James               Stephanie  
2:00 James   Lynne   Alyssa   Lynne   Stephanie  
2:30 James   Lynne   Alyssa   Lynne   Stephanie  
3:00 Linnea   Lynne   Alyssa   Lynne      
3:30 Linnea   Lynne   Alyssa   Lynne      
4:00 Linnea   Lynne   Linnea   Lynne      
4:30 Linnea   Lynne   Linnea   Lynne      
5:00 Lynne   Lynne   Lynne   Lynne      
5:30 Lynne   Lynne   Lynne   Lynne      

*Students are welcome to walk in at any time to schedule an appointment or ask questions but a consultant is not guaranteed unless an appointment has been made previously.  Please see Linnea Barton (270 Owen), the Academic Success Center with all of your questions.  You may also call 218-281-8553, or email to make an appointment.

*Professional consultants are listed in italics.