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Citing Sources and Plagiarism

Much of your college writing projects will involve the use of information from sources other than your own reflections and observations. Whenever you use somebody else's ideas in your writing, you must document the sources to give due credit to the original author. In addition, you need to use the documentation style accepted in your academic field or as prescribed by your course instructors. This section explains plagiarism, how to avoid plagiarism, and the common documentation styles required in UMC classes.

Plagiarism: what is it?
Plagiarism: examples
Plagiarism: its consequences, and how to avoid it
University of Minnesota student conduct code

What do I need to document?
What are documentation styles?
How should I gather information for documenting sources?
Which style should I use?

APA style guidelines (6th Edition)
APA style reference list in PDF
APA style in-text citations in PDF
Basics of APA style tutorial (6th Edition): A slide show

MLA style guidelines
MLA style works cited list in PDF
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APA and MLA compared

CSE: Journal of Wildlife Management Manuscript Guidelines
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