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Writers' Group


The Writers’ Group provides encouragement and inspiration to authors who desire to express themselves through poetry, fiction (e.g. short stories or novels), or any other literary forms.  The ultimate goal of the group is to foster the desire to improve writing skills through creative writing and to promote writing across the curriculum within the University of Minnesota, Crookston community.


While there are no dues or fees, strong membership participation is required.  Any student, faculty, and staff at the University of Minnesota, Crookston can be a member of the Writers’ Group if he/she is:

  • Seriously engaged in creative writing.
  • Actively pursuing publication.
  • Able to take criticism of his/her creative writing.
  • Able to give effective criticism of others' work.
  • Committed to Writers’ Group activities and expectations.

Member Expectations

Each member should have one piece of creative writing composed each semester and submit it to the Group for discussion in a scheduled meeting.

If a member cannot attend a scheduled meeting, he/she must notify the Group before the meeting.


The Writers’ Group will meet once every month on the third Thursday during the fall and spring semesters.

At the start of each meeting, members should report their writing activities for the period up until the scheduled meeting.

Each meeting will focus on discussing one to two finished pieces of creative writing.
Each member whose writing will be discussed will make copies available to other group members.

Criticism must be fair with reasons provided for the critique.

Writers’ Group Journal

The Writers’ Group will publish members’ literary works one time each academic year.

Works to be included in each publication will be selected by a panel of four judges and editors.

Works to be published may be in the form of poetry, short story, essay, painting, or photography.


To encourage writing and creativity, the Writers’ Group will reward members for their outstanding efforts by establishing three awards: First Prize, Second Prize, and Third Prize.

The awards will be decided by the panel of four judges.

Panelists and Editors

The Writers’ Group will invite the following people as judges:

  • Rachel McCoppin, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Communication
  • Sonia Spaeth, M.Ed., Assistant Professor of HPER Art
  • Owen Williams, M.A., Director of UMC Library
  • John Zak, M.S., Publications Editor

The following people will serve as the editor and assistant editor:

  • Linnea Barton

Proposed Start Time

The Writers’ Group will resume its meetings in the fall semester of 2011.


Linnea Barton: barto148@umn.edu