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Diversity Programs - Events


  • Diversity Week
    During this week the UMC celebrate different cultures with activities such as Seminars (Brow bag lunch), Ethnic food, games of the world, music, etc.


  • Talent Show
    The UMC students presents their artistic performance, such as dance, play, sing, or performing. There is an award (money) for the four best performance.

  • Diversity Workshop
    The workshop provided information, theoretical frameworks, and resources that will contribute to the development of a diversity agenda for universities and colleges that addresses the issue both in terms of curricular learning and core values and norms.

  • National Disability Employment Awareness Month


  • National American Indian Heritage Month


  • Black History Month


  • National Women's History Month


  • Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month



  • Heritage Months
    It is a celebration of different ethnic groups that have received an approval and recognition of the month celebration by the President of United States . UMC celebrate some of the heritage months by displaying posters, movie presentations, music, or performance.


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